The gate

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She’s the gatekeeper, the decider,

The one who notions last.

He’s the pusher, the seller,

Offering euphoria as a pass.

What she has to give,

Is the same he has to offer

Trapped in a moment to live

The touches getting softer.

Does he wait? Does he push?

Looking for a welcoming sign.

Why does it feel like a rush?

Pawing, and caressing the spine.

Will he venture further? searching for more?

Does she expose herself? A little at a time.

Are the defenses gentle? Or is it a chore?

Hard hearing the voices of a mime.

As she grabs his belt, fumbling.

He sees the gate has been opened

All is fair to be felt, her defenses crumbling.

Passion, comfort, feeling closened.

No more defenses, the gate has been breached

An achievement on both sides, rosy.

For a climax has been reached.

Now let’s lay together, and rest, cosy.

A hard fought battle, sweaty from all the effort.

Your emotions are rattled, stay in the moment…

Another heartbreak to report?

Another sin to repent?

“That was fun, but I have to close this gate down”

“That’s fine, the thrill was in the hunt”

“I won’t be just a toy for you” leaving a frown.

“you’ll never keep a man pulling that kind of stunt.”

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