wrinkle room

  If you like what I write, here is a full book: Memoirs of Mediocrity: showerthoughts the movie https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XB3G673/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_oOHJDbJ9KY995 Please donate or share    Let’s preface this with saying that I have been dodging bars like the Trump family dodges taxes. I started going to the bars after 21, just like the vast majority of Americans. Where my twin sister leaned into the bar scene, I … Continue reading wrinkle room

Plus 1

Please donate or share Embracing my addictions Turning into the skid Succumbing to inhibitions Nowhere to hide from this kid. Bored from constant repetition. As I’m pulling another one up A mild order of salutation Looking for answers at the bottom of the cup. Why do I continue to hang out with Mary? She’s constantly asking for more. Being without her can be scary Withdrawal … Continue reading Plus 1

A compliment used to go a long way

Please donate or share My apologies for the poor grammar and spelling. I am not traveling with a computer. New York is often considered a lonely place. There are so many people in such a small space, that it is easy for shy people to hide. There are 11 million things to do, so everyone hides into their niche. Amazingly, the culture shifts faster than … Continue reading A compliment used to go a long way


Dating is a nightmare. Online dating is the same nightmare, but on amphetamines.  I have far too much experience in the world of online dating. I started meeting girls in AOL chat rooms when I was 16.  I always considered myself shy, and the ability to put a medium in between us, and let me be creative, made it pretty easy for me to meet … Continue reading Nikki