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Memoirs of Mediocrity: showerthoughts the movie https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XB3G673/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_oOHJDbJ9KY995

Please donate  or share– I have been a participant of the free sources that the internet provides.  This is not free.  Not only do I have to pay to publish these posts for you to read for free, it has been 30 years of consciousness and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in education.  Sure, you can read and learn and laugh, but if I don’t earn money from my art, I can no longer provide said art.  If you can’t help me out financially (I can barely help myself), then please share.  Share my ideas, talk about them to your friends, share my links. 10 seconds of your time could lead to success for my art.

Above all, thank you for reading!




After nearly a decade of teaching, traveling and driving taxi, I am now putting those experiences into words.


I’ve never been much for giving a synopsis of who I am.

The joke is that I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of Sport Management.

My personal and professional life have woven through so many paths that I am staring at a ball of yarn, from the inside.  So, I’m going to share it.  If you hate it, great!  Tell everyone how much you hate it.  If you just kinda like my writing, please share it with someone you know who might be able to relate.  If you love it, feel free to reach out to me and help me find a way to keep writing.

Regardless, thanks for visiting.

List of Accomplishments (Failures are between the lines)

1999 – Accepted to United States International University – True freshman starter for Intercollegiate Soccer Team

2000 – Played both intercollegiate Soccer and Tennis, while maintaining a 3.0 gpa

2003 – Graduated from UC Santa Cruz

2004 – Worked at Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

2005 – Received Graduate Gemologist Diploma from GIA

2006 – Accepted Seasonal Jewelry sales position in Juneau, AK

2008 – Made complete career transition from Sales to Installation/technician

2008 – Worked for an Electrician, Low Voltage installer, and drove taxi

2010 – Completed NSCAA and USSF national coaching diploma programs

2010 – Accepted into SDWA Internship program

2010 – Accepted into CSULB Master’s program

2012 – Accepted into Professional Golfers Association Apprentice program

2012 – Started own franchise livery service

2012 – Graduated from CSULB with MA in Kinesiology

2014 – Completed Level 1 PGA seminar

2015 – Started Coaching High School Golf

2016 – Brought First League Championship to a high school Golf program

2017 – Started Teaching K-6 PE

2018 – Picked up my life, and spent a month in Europe

2018 – Remodeled a 600sqft garage into a 1bdrm apartment

2019 – Started this blog

2019?- The book will be completed and  is now for sale!

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