The reason why a redhead woman seems to be the hardest fish to catch, is because of her niche qualities.  For me, they are a dim candle light in a cave of darkness. There are little fireflies fluttering around with their bright yellow sheen, and brunettes confidently focusing your attention on their eyes, not their other glamorous features.  A redhead has dedicated suitors. She knows, from very early on, what attention is all about. Regardless of the setting, a redhead stands out. It brings an early maturity to the idea of a self-image. When you know that you are being looked at, it forces a change in you.  I never liked attention, because it came naturally to the point of my rejecting attention. Most redheads I’ve met, boy or girl, are aware of the attention their look commands. Many turn shy, thinking the comments people make aren’t out of love, but out of disgust. It is always infatuation, but infatuation sits on a razor’s edge.  

When a redheaded girl starts to enter into puberty, she recognizes the attention, earlier than the other girls.  As the old Japanese proverb states, “The nail that sticks up, gets hammered down.” Following this logic, it would make sense that redheaded children would be more likely to become victims of abuse as a child, bullying in their adolescent years, and the men might be the bottom of the racial attractiveness scale.  

Even the men will have suitors of their choice, because they always stand out.  It is the ones who hide who get lost in the dark. Many of the redheaded men I have met in my life carry a quiet confidence, tend to be reserved, and loyal, and less sexual than their female counterparts.  I have seen more redheaded women dry hump a fire hydrant walking down the street than redheaded men.

When a redheaded woman realizes that turning her attention into a benefit, be it sexual, financial, emotional or otherwise, it is a piece of royalty they have been gifted.  The same goes for all the young women growing up, it’s just that the redheads were looked at the whole way. Some with ogling eyes, some with laughter, and some with curiosity, but all the eyes notice the redhead.

Nobody congratulates brown people for their earthy look, and food described tones.  Nobody brags about the lightning shocked towheads around the world. When a woman is kissed by fire, it has always felt for me a blessing.  Like a beautiful analogy I heard recently, a rose bush can be criticized for having thorns, or a thorn bush can be appreciated for producing roses.

We are not all selling something.  “Any exposure is good exposure” doesn’t apply to the human psyche.  The ones that enjoy the attention, thrive, and become successful in any achievement because they command attention, and have a leg up on the competition.  The ones who see the attention as negative, try to hide, the zebra changing his spots, implode and become hardened by the impact of whatever hurt them.

Whether it’s the bouncy redhead who sees the world from her bright luminescence, or the unhappy, angered redhead who thinks people are laughing at her, and not because of her prowess – they are all worthy of my attention.

If I were to dissect my reasoning, it would be to explain that I have felt I always received more attention than I had ever wanted.  I have always loved to share information, but I never received joy from having a large amount of eyes looking on me, each one heavier than the next, exponentially making me feel as if I should be questioning my existence, or actions.  So, I empathize with the redhead, although I surely don’t receive the same attention being that I am extraordinarily average and have food colored descriptions affiliated with all of my tones.

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