An American poem

If you like what I write, here is a full book: Memoirs of Mediocrity: showerthoughts the movie Please donate or share It’s hard to be an American Livin this life ain’t cheap. I gotta go fill up gas again, getting 3 gallons per mile in my jeep.   We are so arrigan’! On a 7 foot bed I sleep. Sheets made by children, They work … Continue reading An American poem

Let’s take a trip around the world

Please donate or share Come with with me, and you shall see A world of pure imagination. If you took Trips like me You’d witness pure fascination. We’ll begin Traveling in Starting in The state of my creation. What we’ll see Is obviously A clear lack of sanitation. If you want to know the difference Between real like and ignorance Just take a trip To … Continue reading Let’s take a trip around the world