An ode to the ten second shower

Please donate or share I jump in, I jump out. I turn the water on, And it dribbles from the spout. There is no temperature gauge, I have to trust the setting. With the shower head inches from the wall, Receiving barely a wetting. The button last all but a few seconds. Who designed this tiny enclosure? It’s as if the designer never showered, Or … Continue reading An ode to the ten second shower

Welcome to, “Too Good To Be True Airlines”

“We’re sorry to inconvenience you, but your flight had been cancelled. We know the last flight you booked with us was not verified, causing you to be stranded at the airport. To make sure we offer you the very worst service possible, we have chosen your next booking with a deplorable company that operated itself into the ground. Do not worry, we have an available … Continue reading Welcome to, “Too Good To Be True Airlines”

Let’s take a trip around the world

Please donate or share Come with with me, and you shall see A world of pure imagination. If you took Trips like me You’d witness pure fascination. We’ll begin Traveling in Starting in The state of my creation. What we’ll see Is obviously A clear lack of sanitation. If you want to know the difference Between real like and ignorance Just take a trip To … Continue reading Let’s take a trip around the world

A compliment used to go a long way

Please donate or share My apologies for the poor grammar and spelling. I am not traveling with a computer. New York is often considered a lonely place. There are so many people in such a small space, that it is easy for shy people to hide. There are 11 million things to do, so everyone hides into their niche. Amazingly, the culture shifts faster than … Continue reading A compliment used to go a long way


Dating is a nightmare. Online dating is the same nightmare, but on amphetamines.  I have far too much experience in the world of online dating. I started meeting girls in AOL chat rooms when I was 16.  I always considered myself shy, and the ability to put a medium in between us, and let me be creative, made it pretty easy for me to meet … Continue reading Nikki