Operation Crossfire Hurricane

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Depending your choice of news, you either think the President was impeached by the House of Representatives and was vindicated by the Senate, or you think the President was set-up, by the Deep State. Few people know what the deep-state is, as it was mostly a term inflated by Roger Stone who couldn’t even be silenced while in prison!

So after 2 years of investigations, the Mueller report fell on its face after the President decided to do another impeachable offense while the Senate was investigating whether or not Russia had influenced American elections.

Fortunately, the amount of noise reverberating through trolls, bots, and bootlickers has dissipated. This is part due to censorship of misinformation, but also because the steam is started to come off the bullshit. The shit is getting cold, and the truth is prevailing.

I try to follow “conservative” social media as much as possible. Know thy enemy. Not that I’m not “conservative”, but this is where the ignorance was targeted since 2014, so I try to stay out of the noise of any echo chamber. It’s a hard thing to do with the social media companies trying to amplify echo chambers to retain “customer satisfaction.” So I follow their pseudo-news sources and often discover websites that don’t look much different from mine, but are filled with hyperlinks that loop back to the same article, and even if it has an official news media URL, it will often be an opinion piece.

Those who believe that the media is responsible for the crimes of the Republican Party, want to believe who they voted for are the victims. It’s some sort of competition complex where Americans think the team they voted for has to win, at any costs! Not only is this false, it’s also dangerous. A large part of American political success comes from accountability, for the good, and the bad, as an example of how to operate as a citizen.

The President was involved with Russia before the election. His son and son in-law both violated campaign finance laws. The President violated the emoluments clause while in office, then was impeached for trying to extort a foreign leader. But, if you voted Republican in the presidential election in 2016, you don’t believe any of this. You think “he shouldn’t have been investigated in the first place! Peter Strzok was SPYING on the Trump campaign! Michael Flynn is innocent!

Well, I’m sorry to have to write this, again, but here is your evidence.

So there you have it. Peter Strzok was worried that there was a connection between the Trump campaign and Russian, or former Soviet bloc officials who wanted to sway the election. It was illegal when they did it then, and it is illegal now. Please stop licking those boots. There is no bomb drop, there is no manipulated documents, except the magical handwritten document drawn in crayon that says “the gubment made me lie….twice!”

Papadapulous is the real target of Crossfire Hurricane, but who us the “conservative media” focusing on? Michael Flynn because this document that is being used as some legitimate excuse doesn’t even have Flynn’s name on it… but we do have some love for big Popa[dopolous]

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