An American poem

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It’s hard to be an American

Livin this life ain’t cheap.

I gotta go fill up gas again,

getting 3 gallons per mile in my jeep.


We are so arrigan’!

On a 7 foot bed I sleep.

Sheets made by children,

They work hard while I count sheep.


We claim the equal of all men.

Why then, a savings we can’t keep?

There goes the market correcting again!

Maybe this time we will make the correct leap.


“At least it’s not Afghanistan!”

We say, pushing the truth deep.

Once again,  it’s hard to be an American,

“You got no job, then healthcare you can’t keep!”


The pride to be Republican,

following fascism like sheep

If the 60,000 dead could vote again,

New leadership would seep.


Multinational companies aren’t American!

They laid off you, without a peep.

They accepted tax dollars once again,

only to cut you off, “what a creep!”


So now that we aren’t collectively shut-in,

the failures of governance will steep.

Voting means more than a button,

“It’s a Republic! If we can keep”.


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