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Let’s preface this with saying that I have been dodging bars like the Trump family dodges taxes. I started going to the bars after 21, just like the vast majority of Americans. Where my twin sister leaned into the bar scene, I was less entertained by the idea of buying women drinks so they can act foolish and lower their inhibitions enough to have a chance to make out with them at the bar.  We walk into the wrinkle-room – a bar in Carlsbad Village which was historically known for its vibrant dance floor with cellulite stomachs and silver streaks. However, a friend brought me and told me the place had shifted to a younger demographic, and he enjoys karaoke, so I joined him

The first thing we see as we walk in is a couple making out in the bar.  An activity that many people have felt a victim to, despite their pleasure.  Clearly, this younger man was very drunk, and the woman was much older than him.  After they unlocked their lips, I noticed she was also very “the only chic on the jobsite” – attractive.  The woman’s friend whisked her away, and they man was left alone and confused, “I thought I was in. She was making out with me the whole night, how did I wake up by myself?”

Well, bar patrons, I have a story for you.

Friend A meets girl A.  Friend B and Friend A travel from the Compass (fitting?) to the wrinkle room.  They bring girl A. Girl A is really like girl D, as there were a handful of very attractive, seemingly single ladies all clamoring to sing the next karaoke song.  This average looking bar had a dj setup, and a very professional karaoke system. Friend A knows friend C who is at the wrinkle room. Girl A thought she had a chance with Friend A, but Friend A tried to pawn off Girl A to Freind B while Friend C and Friend D were communicating in sign language to each other.  Girl A isn’t attracted to Friend B, and opts to Friend D and E. The whole crew of guys gypsy faded out of the bar, leaving Girl A, Friend D, Friend E and the exit. They exit the bar to be greeted by NotFriend A. NotFriend A was some tiny, gay, chubby twink who was all over Girl A. Girl A had proposed a 3-way with Friend D and Friend E.  NotFriend A may have overheard this, and was trying to jump in on the party. Girl A was dancing between wanting to kiss Friend D or E, and hitting them. Her sweeping hooks that accompanied a face that was angry were a strange bipolarity of drunkenness. Eventually, Friend E decides to scold Girl A for assaultin him. She apologized and stopped playing the “hitting game”  

They all go back to friend D’s place, minus the twink.  Friend D and E both put their foot down on the person’s strange attempts to join a party where he was not invited.  Girl A wanted to watch a movie, so they complied, with Friend D more interested in sleep than pursuing the girl’s fantasy.  Friend E was cozying up to her during the movie, starting with a foot massage, and ending with piss!

Not the kind of piss that R. Kelly enjoyed.  The accidental kind. The kind where you wake up to a pool of water on your hardwood floor and contemplate, “how the ceiling could remain dry, but the rain somehow made a wetspot.

Friend E notices Girl A is falling asleep on the small sofa, so he brings her into a yet-to-be organized bedroom to a small camping pad, as Friend E was merely visiting Friend D.  Girl A and Friend E start making out, her panties come off, but his pants remained on. After a brief exodus to the toilet, Friend E returns to Girl A sleeping, so he spoons her and she essentially hoardes the single pad and Friend  E was stuck on the floor, but comfortably cuddling Girl A, allowing the two of them to doze off together.  

At 4am, Girl A’s cuddle position shifted, and Friend E felt the warmth.  He goes to the toilet and notices soaked jeans, socks that had stepped in the puddle, and a sweatshirt that was no longer dry enough to be sleeping attire.

Friend E is frozen in indecision.  He wants to continue cuddling with her, but he doesn’t want to cuddle with piss. He decides to put a towel underneath Girl A while making sure she was covered enough with blankets, then proceeds to sleep on the couch he had abandond just an hour or two before.  Checking on her periodically, and wondering how to explaing to sober Girl A what drunk Girl A had been doing. Friend E assumed she would try to sneak past him and make a ghostly escape, but instead Girl A confronted Friend E and had assume Friend E was in fact Friend A.  She apologized for her actions, and Friend E had filled her in on the blanks of the night that she was attempting to piece together.

Girl A was clearly embarrassed.  Friend E was not. Friend E was happy that she had made an apology, and there is always a possibility that Girl A just might end up as friend F.



If you like what I write, here is a full book:

Memoirs of Mediocrity: showerthoughts the movie https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XB3G673/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_oOHJDbJ9KY995

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