The Mueller Report

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In between finishing editing my book and procrastinating the other 2 ideas I have, I got obsessed with the idea that the Teflon Don might yet get away with another legal sidestep of the constitution. I want to preface this accounting of the entire Mueller report that I do not like, or appreciate the idea that there are teams that people “must” be on in the American political sphere. What we are watching is an attempt to thwart democracy, and the White House is thwarting the rule of law. This is not a left vs. right analysis of the Mueller report. The majority of this are screen captures from my phone. If I give an opinion, it is based on what I know about the rule of law.

Before we get to the Mueller report, just take a look at this:
What we have here is a clear violation of the emoluments clause.

On July 25th, 2019 Donald Trump stepped into a territory that I am well versed in research. I studied International Relations for 5 years, and I had hoped is inept political ability would prevent him from doing what the liberal minded folks in the majority of the country had feared most. I considered Trump to be a pure narcissist; Nearly everything his has done is in a selfish manner that benefits him and his cronies at the cost of someone else. This was not new news, and the allegations of his being a Russian asset not only sparked allegations that his presidency was bought and paid for, but that he was a treasonous farce that was working on the behalf of Vladimir Putin.

A phone call was made. Admittedly, I had been out of the loop on many international matters as I was just waiting for the 8 years to blow over so our country could return to a time when a politician saying Motherfucker isn’t parroted throughout our public school systems.

This is a story straight out of r/thathappened, but like many of the things I have seen, this was surreal. I was a substitute teacher for a 2nd grade class shortly after Trump was elected president, November 2016. I had faith in our balance of powers as a nation, so I felt that we were not in a crisis as much as the people around me were led to believe by the enormously bias media outlets. However, women were crying on television and in the streets while they rioted against the unlikely reality that 60 million people voting for this grifter.

People genuinely thought our democracy had ended. I personally felt our democracy ended after the prison and military industrial complexes started filtering money into our politicians via lobbyist like the afore mentioned Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. I knew that this was more for ego for Donald Trump than a hunger to take over the planet like many of the other war hawks with backers like John Bolton.

What I also knew about General Grifter, was that he didn’t have a cabinet. He isolated many career politicians that make made the American political system so stable. In the year that he was not communicating with Russian oligarchs through characters like Lev Parnas, Paul Manafort was lying to Congress about when a deal to create the Trump Moscow Tower. The dates are very important to consider, because Manafort told congress that he stopped talking to any Russians – Truth is in the upside-down at the moment.

Back to the children. The children that are now 11 years old. It was a babysitting task, and there was very little instruction given, “Just make sure they do these 2 assigments, then let them spend the last section coloring.”

Simple enough, we did some reading aloud, and then they drew letters backwards and shit. Once they all settled into their notebooks to color and draw, one little girl came up to me to show me her picture. It was a picture of a man in a suit. I’m not going to say she used orange on his face, He does that on his own. I proceeded to ask the girl who the person in the suit was,

“That’s Donald Trump. We hate him.”

Now, I am not opposed to arguing with an 8 year old on the nuances of balance of power and the presidential restrictions. I just didn’t have enough time in the class to explain the entire constitution to 18 school children who still occasional write the letter “E” backward.

And here is where it got silly, all the kids started piling on. so about 5 of these excited kids were jumping up and down shouting, “We Hate Donald Trump. We Hate Donald Trump”

“You don’t even know him. Why would you say that you hate him?”

No response, but it did calm the calamity in the room. I left the class pretty shocked, but I understood exactly where it came from; their parents. Many of the schools where I substituted are in low-middle-class majority latino communities. The idea that a rich-white grifter was going to thwart democracy was powerful enough to anger any American, let alone the dog-whistling from many of his close confidants.

I didn’t think it was crazy that all of these poor kids’ parents hated a guy who was given a small loan $10million $60million $413million by his father in order to become a billionaire through filing bankruptcy to hand over his debt to the American people. I thought it was crazy that he won because of some white agenda. I knew there was some sort of influence out of democratic control. And I was right. The voting machines have been rigged since they were installed, voter suppression is only done by one side of the binary teampolitik, and I felt that people had a right to be angry, but we still had a Congress that would keep him in check. Meaning, Trump would just do something stupid and get impeached. Turns out, he was doing stupid shit since 2015 with regards to the connections found via the Mueller report.

My life has been pretty shitty through all of Trump’s campaign, and the Republican’s dismantling of Obamacare was a political strategy, not a racist detraction of a former President’s successes. The guy wants his name on EVERYTHING, and with the Senate on his side, he was able to take away healthcare from millions of people, including myself, and give it away to multi-national corporate or mafia interests. So when I found out the Mueller Report might actually lead to a shift away from the lunacy the Republican party has been lured into, I decided to read the entire thing.

Here we have a number of explanations of Russian Contacts with the Trump Campaign. The most important of many lies from the White House are that these contacts stopped as soon as as the campaign started.
Strap in for the bullshit show.
If you don’t believe in Dog-whistling, it will be hard to buy that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONGRATULATED THE GUY THAT HACKED OUR ELECTIONS!

Now, why would the President attempt to be favorable to Putin immediately after his election? The entire intelligence community had been warning the White House that Putin wanted Crimea (an illegal annexation from the Ukraine).

I will side with the President in one stomach-churning opinion. It is more important to communicate with Putin officially than to put sanctions on a country or threaten military force of their allies. This was before I read more…

This is a current topic of debate. The idea that a deep-state coup is a fiction that Roger Stone has led the White House to believe. Here we see that there is actually legal obstruction in the counsel’s operations.
There are still Russian trolls active on Twitter. . Oh…redacted matters are just bullshit that AG Barr decided were too poignant to protect something more important than our democracy…Sure buddy. Watch him waffle here:

Who is wrong? The parents that told their children that a bunch of racists cheated the election to win the White House? Or the people who had underlying shitty things to say about other people within our nation and were now given a bright red hat to hide behind? If you attended one of those rallies, and you know how to read, please contact me, I need to validate your existence.
First of all, This is public record to go down in the annals of history as a “Trump supporter dressed up as Santa Clause.” Secondly, notice the giant redaction, followed up by cite #93 – (arranging to pay for plane tickets and for a bull horn). I would hope that AG Barr wouldn’t have redacted this because that person might have been on Trump’s staff at the time. Or would he?
Just wanted this for the record before AG Barr changes it. The top line states, “The investigations has not identified evidence that any Trump Campagin official understood the requests were coming from foreign nationals.

A- Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. However, we have a psychopath in the White House who has made a lot of lawyers very rich by either prolonging lawsuits or settling them out of court.

B- Barr publicized a “summary that is not a summary” of the report. I read through this and I have to agree with:

He also refuses to recuse himself and provide any notes that the Senate has asked for. You spineless PUSSIES!
For those that don’t know who Julian Assange is, he is the founder of WikiLeaks, who received a file from a character called Guccifer 2.0 who turned out to be Russian Intelligence. Assange wanted the dirt on Hillary Clinton, because she attempted to murder him with drones. Whether the stories is true or not does not change the desire to smear Hillary Clinton was obvious from Mr. Assange. Assange did not have official meetings with Guccifer 2.0, he didn’t hold a press conference and shake Donald Trump Jr.’s hand. This was covert smearing done at the cyber level. So, what we need to do as a country is make sure that if there is a cyber trail, it is considered contact. Because this. This is bullshit.
Assange is not innocent. He helped coordinate an elaborate hack through stolen information. Just like Aaron Schwartz was not innocent, Sorry conspiracy theorists. Both committed crimes, and handled their consequences differently.
This is the most damming evidence that shows the conspiracy had to do with the building of a Billion dollar tower in Russia with Trump’s name on it. Way to lie for your Dictator.
No contacts with Russia
yet another dog-whistle saying, “we had contacts with Russia. In Fact, everything I say is a fucking lie!”
Trump Jr. said they could revisit the issue if and when they were in the government. Obstruction is clear from Prison inmate Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr.. Many team players assume victory before the game is played, but the fact that Jr. claims Trump was a priate citizen, so he couldn’t break election laws is patently false, and is as much reality as Trump in a Santa mask (what has he ever given to anyone except years in prison?)
Forcing a witness to lie is not a partisan issue. It is corruption and conspiracy.

Paul Manafort was convicted of money laundering, tax fraud, FBAR, Foreign Agent Registration and and FARA false statments. But no AG Barr, I like your story better, “In other words, there was no evidence of Trump campaign “collusion” with the Russian government’s hacking.” Are those other words lies?

It’s a good thing that this was a “
Once again, August 2nd, contact with Russian asset Konstantin Kilmnik. No contacts here. Move along. Let’s just ignore this contact 1 month after Trump declared his candidacy on June 16th. This total exoneration lie is getting exhausting, and I have like 20 more.
Paul Manafort hands Oleg Deripaska internal polling data. Now, somewhere in this mess the President is exonerated from guilt because he fired Paul Manafort, and got mad at him, potentially about this clear contact with the Trump Campaign and Russian interests. But hey, there is a sentence at the end of this paragraph, “The investigation did not establish that Manafort otherwise coordinated with the Russian government on its election-interference efforts. No collusion here, but only because collusion is not a legal term. Conspiracy – in droves!
Jared Kushner was/is fucking stupid. But, because the election was already over, the statement “second meeting” alludes to the fact that this was not their only contact. At the same time Donald Trump is bragging to the world that he had no relationships.
Can’t spell deflection without Don – “During the briefing, President-Elect Trump asked McFarland if the Russians did “it,” meaning the intrusions intended to influence the presidential election. McFarland said yes. This was on December 29, 2016
Not even the president yet, and definitely did not deserve to be there.
And we conclude volume I. I will repeat, “The investigation established multiple links between Trump Campaign officials and individuals tied to the Russian Government.” This is what Mueller wrote. Read above and see for yourself if you don’t think AG Barr doctored Mueller’s findings.
Once again, we see that an “ongoing matter” takes more importance than an entire illegitimate campaign that started off with.

So, let’s see what the President does with his first executive orders.

1/20/2017 – Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal

1/24/2017 – Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High Priority Infrastructure Projects

1/25/2017 – Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements

2/09/2017 – Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement Officers

2/9/2017 – Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice

2/28/2017 – Restoring the Rule of Law, Federalism, and Economic Growth by Reviewing the “Waters of the United States” Rule. something good, primarily. Outside of handing over the negotiating powers to the Attorney General.

4/27/2017 – Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Oh! the irony

And I’ll stop at this one, or I will get lost in the weeds:

5/4/2017 – Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty

“As used in this section, the term “adverse action” means the imposition of any tax or tax penalty; the delay or denial of tax-exempt status; the disallowance of tax deductions for contributions made to entities exempted from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of title 26”

Take away health insurance from millions, transfer investment into health insurance into construction projects, push a xenophobic border policy, boost the police force (I only posted 1, but I believe 4 were signed within the first 6 months), give the Attorney general more power, doubled down by slipping it into the “waters of the United States rule’, and then promoting a tax loophole for religious zealots that steal their ‘believer’s’ money, which is the clearest violation of the constitutional integrity of separation of church and state. Who exactly wanted all of those things? Any of those things? Xenophobes and people that don’t realize connecting religious or business contacts within the executive branch isn’t a problem. It is a big problem.

Back to Mueller:

So contact doesn’t mean conspiracy. New definitions. I spent years learning words, I guess I just have to get a new dictionary. Richard Pinedo didn’t realize the guy was Russian, so it’s ok. Ignorance is no excuse for violation of the law, but AG Barr is trying to tell us that Ignorance of conspiracy and obstruction is.

Here we have another linkage to the campaign with “no conspiratorial connections”. I had originally thought that Donald Trump was just too stupid to know that all of these things were happening behind his back. The reality is there are notes, tapes, videos, and actually direct admitting of crimes. He is the opposite of a philosopher king. Carter page is the other whataboutism that is used to defend this horrible group of people. Carter page was spied on by the FBI.

Trump seized on the documents to claim that the FBI “illegally spied upon” his presidential campaign, and to characterize the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling a “big hoax.”

They had plenty of evidence, considering the Russian Kompramat campaign had started 1 1/2 years before Trump entered the presidential campaign. However, the kool-aid was drunk, and the last thing a Republican ever wants to hear was that they were wrong.

Why have we not seen Donald Trump’s tax returns? The proof is on this page. There quite possibly a paper trail that is being withheld under executive privilege. I would love nothing more than a Republcan Senator to read this and tell me it isn’t a threat to congressional power. oops, I remember why:

Nunes has about $5.6 million in cash on hand, another number that blows most candidates out of the water. He constantly argued during the impeachment hearings that Hunter Biden was making $80k/month. That is only half of Nunes net worth that is likely from Victor Shokin the guy that Joe Biden is being smeared about ousting him because he was shady as fuck.

Just to clarify how much the impeachment hearings about Zelenskyy are related to the 2016 election, Devin Nunes is connected. This isn’t a wacky conspiracy theory, this is actual conspiracy. So, what I see is that there are 2 types of republicans. There are the republicans who sue a fake twitter account, and there are republicans that deeply care about being conservative and preserving the constitution. Donald Trump has very few friends that actually care about preserving the constitution because they see laws as only a blockade, and the people that get hurt (in this case our democracy) are just weak. This is a core tenet, that the executive branch carries the ultimate weight and that everything that has been done as a president is under his executive privilege. Ahh but you were just a private citizen at the time Mr. Trump. Which means you are a campaign finance crimnal and should be in prison with the rest of your team. That and…

Nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump. I know because I’m on the committee

Donny Jr. is more likely to go to jail, however. I don’t know where the Mueller team found all these “no contacts with Russia” It’s as if i’m just a crazy person.

This outlines the “thing of value” and that the campaign itself does have a determined value. Just like the $250 million

In August, Congress approved $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, which has been fighting a hot war with Russia since 2014. But at the end of August, Politico reported that the Trump administration seemed to be “slow-walking” that military assistance. Congressional Democrats and Republicans criticized the White House for delaying delivery of that funding. The administration released its hold on those funds and extended an additional $140 million, according to Ukraine’s president, in the second week of September. The White House did not report the additional funds in its announcement that it released the hold on military aid. Sorry, I was getting ahead of myself. If the Zelenskyy phonecall takes 2 years to prosecute like this report, we might as well just start putting up our Trump painting on our mantle, because there is no way another election is fairly run at this pace.

And here we have Partial Exoneration! The campaign members, you know. Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Sam Patten, Rick Gates, and George Papadapoulus with a combined Century worth of lobbying and political experience were just too stupid to commit conspiracy. The Trump family that did not have the political savvy to understand that that list of men is a very very bad list. They are responsible for the pollution of our planet and millions of innocent lives. The Trump family (not the campaign) did not know who these foreign assets that the gang of soulless shitbags were coordinating with. Once they found out, Trump did what he did best and fired them, giving him plausible deniability. I have been fired a lot, and I have never once called my old boss back and consulted him as an “advisor.” Just more lies.
So, this plan was in place before March 14th, 2016. Trump is deep in Twitter-mode and you can read a whole bunch of tweets that look very similar to the talent of the 2nd grade class I talked about above. The campaign was in full swing by this time, but his official announcement wasn’t made until June 16th. I tried to search the archive between the 14th and the 20th, and just had a bunch of things that look like campaigning. So I guess they didn’t meet and discuss the Tower in Russia on June 9th
The idea that the entire Trump family is stupid is the sole reason Congress should put the entire family in a cage. Papadopoulos used his contacts with Russian agents to participate in Kompramat, and whether he told Donald or not is completely irrelevant to conspiracy. If my lackey does something on my behave, I am an accomplice, not exonerated.
I went to jail for twice as long as the piece of shit. I have zero tolerance for any of this paragraph.
stepped it up a notch. Nice!
I guess they don’t like when lawyers lie when they have so many other options at their whim.
Senator Jeff Sessions recuses himself because he is paid by dirty Russian money and instead of doing all the shitty things that AG Barr is doing, he decided to recuse himself. Donald Trump constantly begged him because he thought knew that Sessions was slimy enough to lie and write false statements to protect this specific case because, “it would hurt his campaign”
Sessions refused to take Trump’s offers, mostly because there is dirty money in that man’s pocket.
Oops. You accidentally elected a criminal, and because the criminal is the head of the investigation, I guess that Mueller decided to let you off the hook. Nope, he recommended the redactions be seen by the intelligence committees in Congress and they can decide to remove him because this is 400 pages of crimes. Oh, but shit, I forgot he was exonerated

“If we had facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.” This is after Barr and his office made adjustments to the report, which is obstruction of justice within the Executive Branch, and I can’t believe there are Senators that haven’t physically removed the whole lot from the White House.

“The President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred.” I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know if I could do this type of analysis full-time, but I’m pretty sure that means obstruction.

More Julan Assange ongoing matters that are more important than a legitimate presidency. Oh, and then the President fired the original director of the investigation, James Comey. Stay with me, this part is juicy.
So, Trump wanted to get rid of he investigation because it was a black mark on his presidency. Here we see that he “faced great pressure because of Russia” This isn’t to say that he knew about the fact that Russia had pumped money into his campaign or that all of the actions from all of the other actors involved in the campaign were all working to get him elected without his knowledge. Although this is plausible, his obstruction in the matter is irrefutable. Regardless of it being “made-up”, firing the investigator is a clear obstruction of justice.
Oops. It looks like he wasn’t too stupid to not know that his campaign had contacts with Russia. He just didn’t publicly disclose a meeting on June 9th 2016. By this time, the email scandal was already being stirred up:
ooh, a septuagenarian twitter war! I will be so glad to see the President get removed from office for writing on the toilet stall of the internet.
He didn’t rule out a pardon, he just dogwhistled Manafort and any of his proxies that, “Don’t worry, you will be taken care of.” That, and that flipping should be outlawed, because we all know that Snitches get stitches, bitches. Trump recently pardoned a murderer in the Navy to test whether he could. He did, and we will likely see more pardons to come if the Senate doesn’t grow some balls. Now, nothing he did here is illegal, merely an abuse of power.

Two-face did not look enough like Trump. This is clear witness intimidation, but it also is not over yet. Time will tell if these criminals get released by the other criminal.

Here we see more plausible deniability. “He only wanted to protect his legacy! Firing Comey was within his right. It is also within his right to not Tweet on the toilet, but there isn’t enough time in the day for us to not have heard his toilet thoughts.

“The President’s counsel raised statutory and constitutional references to a possible obstruction-of-justice analysis of the conduct we investigated” – consistent with Comey’s writing.

“We concluded that none of those legal defenses provided a basis for declining to investigate the facts.” – The wreaks of AG Barr’s manipulation of this document. There isn’t even a “further”, “Furthermore”, “although”, or “but” in this clear opposition to the previous sentence. I’m not saying that Barr manipulated the document, but I’m not saying he didn’t manipulate the document. Just like the bullshit in the conclusions of each section.

I guess Barr couldn’t twist this one, “We determined that there was sufficient factual and legal basis to further investigate potential obstruction-of-justice issues involving the President” And when Trump attacked Maria Yavanovich. This was a ploy by the Democrats, and although it worked, it worked on the wrong people. The Senate was too busy being old.
[Mens rea – the intention or knowledge of wrongdoing that constitutes part of a crime, as opposed to the action or conduct of the accused.] elements such as knowledge or intent may be provided by circumstantial evidence. No crime need be committed in order for a conspiracy to be found. The point of using the word “collusion”
By great job, you mean crimes?

I want to be clear that the July 25th phone call is as connected as the Russia-Trump campaign connection. The 25th quid pro quo was a continuance of this connection. Calling the other side of the aisle traitors means he was being traitorous because he is:

A 70 year old projection machine.
Oh wait, now we see that Flynn was contacting Putin as far back as December 2015. Remember, Carter Page was being “spied” on by the FBI, but it was clear he was setting off international intelligence alarms by September, 2016. Do not let the disinformation fool you. The FBI may have made a mistake regarding Carter Page, but the dirt warrants the investigation. Do yourself a favor, if you find a website that loops its links back to itself, it is fake news. We need to return to journalistic integrity, and if that means millions of “journalists” need to admit they accidentally posted fake news, retractions need to happen yesterday!
Remember, he was tweeting about Hillary’s emails weeks before this public announcement. If it weren’t for the insistence that Russia was not involved, he may have been able to save face. Instead, a handful of people are currently incarcerated. This page shows the confidence the campaign had with regard to their good luck falling in their hands. There were a lot of players communicating with corrupt individuals, but they got “fired” so continuing the plausible deniability. The kind of thing that a sworn testimony to Congress would solve.
I mean, what non-impeached president has this statement, “President’s activities, and his own criminal conduct, is described in Volume II, Section ILK”?

footnote 197 – As explained further in Volume I, Section IV.A.8, infra, Manafort entered into a plea agreement with our Office. We determined that he breached the agreement by being untruthful in proffer sessions and before the grand jury. We have generally recounted his version of events in this report only when his statements are sufficiently corroborated to be trustworthy; to identify issues on which Manafort’s untruthful responses may themselves be of evidentiary value; or to provide Manafort’s explanations for certain events, even when we were unable to determine whether that explanation was credible. His account appears here principally because it aligns with those of other witnesses.

Even though proof was given in September of 2016, I guess he was so busy ‘winning’ that he couldn’t read the intelligence briefings. This is more plausible deniability. It’s also the point where Donald Trump went from this:

To this:

Calling CNN fake news has accounted for an incredible loss of credibility from the once lightly-biased news outlet because of this press conference. If you want to know the moment the country split in 2 via news viewership, it was here in 2018. this distinctly showcases the President’s social clout with regard to opinions. Little Donny’s book sold a lot of copies on this methodology.
Just a few factual news articles displaying that Donald Trumps lies are not only in the face of the American people, but in spite of the American people. He tweeted about Russia 16 times between June and December of 2016
He doesn’t like you, you were a pawn in his chess game. And even if he did like you, the American people don’t care, we just want free and fair elections.
There were investigations happening. It would be weird to complain about something before it happened, “Man, I can’t believe I got robbed at the bank tomorrow!”
Ryns Preibus is also a liar. He also may have not known about the contacts from the other campaign members for plausible deniability, but a simple subpoena would answer that question, instead of dragging this on for 3 years.
This is where the recording of Trump saying, “I’m fucked!” came. This is also the branch that he was relying on, the illegitimacy of his win. Not that millions of people were lied to and their votes were tampered with in many ways, that he didn’t want to lose. Don’t you just love American Politics! Go Team!
Yes, just a smear campaign from the Left. Sure, The 35,000 employees at the FBI and the 21,000 employees at the CIA are all out to smear you. Not a single one of them respect the rule of law. Thanks Obama! Until the sources are out, I can’t say definitely that These organizations were not against him. After his dealing with Zelenskyy, I can only imagine how many people in the diplomatic community wanted a direct, constant message from the White House, not the ramblings of a Racist Drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.
I know that the internet is full of conspiracy theories about “Pee Tapes” but the likelihood is him having sex with a child alongside Jeffrey Epstein.
In case you are unaware, Donald Trump was/is the owner of the Miss Universe pageant. He made contacts with the officials and business owners that helped the event. He never lost those contacts, he merely stopped talking to them directly…So, No collusion! pack it up, we can go home to our democratic country now!
It’s a good thing we found out about Flynn lying after the inauguration. “The election is only 4 years away! why are we even investigating?”
Logan Act – criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. The intent behind the Act is to prevent unauthorized negotiations from undermining the government’s position.
McGahn was just forced by the Supreme court to testify or be imprisoned.
Teflon Don brings James Comey into a room and tells the Head of the FBI “I want you to be loyal to me”
Before I read this report, I would have thought it was just another stupid way of asking if he was on the President’s side. When it turned out that He made all the staffers leave the room, and intimidated the FBI director….well, now we are getting an understanding of the real Donald Trump; a fake ass, broke ass mafioso who only wants to get rid of the rules that hamper him from cheating.
Hey look! Chris Christie. Remember the guy who Trump “Eviscerated” in the debates and they publicly had a beef? Apparently, they are best friends, because Christie’s advice was the sole reason why I am writing this in 2019 instead of not concerning myself with a President Mike Pence.
Christie dtold the president, “There is no way to make an investigation shorter” When being consulted about Firing Comey because he wouldn’t vow loyalty to Trump but instead the rule of law, “but a lot of ways to make it longer”
I am writing this because we can wait no longer. We as a country have to stop this corruption of the rule of law, and Chris Christie is an accomplice to this conspiracy to keep the President in power.
I mean, you didn’t have to fire him, you could have just let him go straight to prison.
This is true. He never asked Comey to stop investigating anything. He just brought him into a private room and asked for his “Loyalty” then Chris Christie told him that firing Comey is not only legal, but it will benefit the investigation by delaying it. Not illegal, just obstruction of justice from the executive of the Justice department. No, the president can’t recuse himself. But the Congress can!
Weird, is this a dog-whistle to Michael Flynn to not talk about the “collusion” part of this conspiracy?
Yes, an FBI investigation and even the Steele investigation that both started before your campaign was official.
this is indeed a massive story of injustice and treason. the classic Sideshow Bob defense
“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”
Comey took the president’s statement “as a direction because of the President’s position in the circumstances of the one-on-one meeting” – You know! like a mafia boss. Although I prefer a governor over a president, I like President’s over Kings.
Comey took the statement to stop investigating Flynn as an order. He did say, “I hope” so it wasn’t an order from the “Boss” but he didn’t stop, and then he got fired, so the entire executive branch was now under the duress of the President’s “wishes”. Not only does the congress not want this to legally continue, but there are a lot of career staffers that just want stability in their respective departments, not egocentricity.

Here we see that the obstruction is related to the popularity of his campaign/presidency. This is more of that thin branch that the President’s intent wasn’t corrupt, because his intent was self-aggrandizement. I can’t be guilty, I was doing it for me!
I think we established that using a proxy is still a crime. It is possible that contact with Julian Assange is plausible deniability, but once the paper trail comes out, it’s over.
With regard to K.T McFarland, we have a real patriot. Trump tried to mansplain her into lying on his behalf. Of course AG Barr lied to congress about this by skirting around the questions.

Here is a clip of Barr saying that it is perfectly ok to instruct a person to lie.

Nope, because according to AG Barr, lying isn’t wrong.
…And then the President fired her. Man this total exoneration is totally exhausting.
Trump first tried to say there were a bunch of people in the room when he tried to strongarm Comey.
I hope you do this illegal thing or else you will be fired. Sound goood? Great.
This is a pretty clear paragraph. “They successfully stopped the train on Russia” There is so much dirt from Russia, and nobody will ever know what that dirt is.
Back to the original illegal things the Trump campaign had done, “The evidence also does not establish that Flynn otherwise possessed information damaging to the President that would give the President a personal incentive to end the FBI’s inquiry into Flynn’s conduct… (sorry, I forgot where that page was going.)
Ahh that was it, lies. “Evidence does establish that the President connected the Flynn investigation to the FBI’s broader Russia investigation. but here is where the Teflon Don is a foil dummy – “he believed that terminating Flynn would end ‘the whole Russia thing” Because you know, now that the snitch is gone, all of our crimes are absolved!
Damn swamp getting in the way of all of my crimes! How dare they! The crime above is called witness/investigator tampering. This is the real legal question, whether a supervisor is allowed to be involved in the supervisor’s investigation. I lost an appeal and went to jail for infinitesimally lesser charge because the judge to judge the appeal was the original judge. “Are you saying I did something wrong?” – I’ll never forget that statement. FYI, the answer was Yes. Yes, the judge did something wrong and so did Donald Trump.
Please share this page with anyone who is questioning the current impeachment. This is the reason why the President is being impeached. Volume 2 page 48. “Eisenberg was concerned that the request would look like a quid pro quo in exchange for an ambassadorship”
We do this all the time! Get over it!
“A little shred of truth in it that makes it a lot worse than it really is” – I refuse to live in this upside down world. Please Congress, right this ship.
I get now why the “trump criticizes trump” thing is so fun. This is why Sessions had to recuse himself, but Trump couldn’t stop begging him to play the leading lying role of Attorney General. Sessions is so happy that he isn’t going to jail.
Wait, didn’t trump say publicly that he never asked to drop the investigation into Flynn? Oh, no he did that a bunch, he just never asked to stop the investigation altogether. See the keyword is altogether. he didn’t stop at investigation, he continued on to say “people involved in the investigation” You know, like how Bill Clinton got impeached for moral standards. Billy the perv got a blowjob from a White House staffer (man I wish that was the worse thing Trump ever did) and went in front of Congress and dodged and weaved, even areguing about the definition of “is”
Enjoy your slice of deflection. Unfortunately, lying about an affair is also in this Mueller report – the payment of Stormy Daniels through Michael Cohen is in the footnotes.
Flynn, not the investigation.
Ooh. you poor baby. You can’t handle people saying negative things about you, then how about you don’t do shitty things!
Damn Comey, trying to do his job to make sure that the election that hundreds of millions of americans want validation that is free and fair. How could he make the President look like a fool
Dan Coats was another person who refused to go out into public and announce that the investigation was over. Here we have another account of Mens Rea where the President is too stupid to know that he was obstructing justice. You can be a stupid bully, those two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

“Coats relayed that the President had asked several times what Coats could do to help ‘get (the investigation) done’ and Coats had repeatedly told the President that the fastest way to ‘get it done’ was to let it run its course). If we are trying to find intent of conspiracy to obstruct justice, this is a pretty solid case. The facts were against Trump from the beginning, being that every trail leads back to the President before and after he decided to run for President.
“Russia has got to go away” I have a suggestion, stop taking money from Russians! You should never have ran for President due to your conflicts of interest in the Eastern Bloc. You never should have hired Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, or any other lobbyist with direct ties to ousted Oligarchs. Your presidency will forever be scarred because it never should have happened.
Comey was “uncomfortable with direct contact from the President about the investigation. “

Have you ever been at a function with an ex and a current girlfriend? This is how Comey felt. He knew that if he looked up, his current girlfriend (Trump in this hypothetical scenario) would just be burning daggers into him every chance she could get. It wasn’t about the words. Surprisingly, those were chosen carefully. It was about the mafia-like presence that Donald Trump has when he knows that millions of eyeballs are not watching him. I thought he was a stupid man, but after reading how he treated Comey, he is a stupid-dangerous man, and that is an exponentially more egregious abuse of power.
Hey, another AG Barr lie. “While significant enough that Rogers thought it important document the encounter in a written memorandum, were not interpreted by the officials who received them as directives to improperly interfere with the investigation” See, if we just stopped at memorandum, it would have been left up to interpretation by the Congress. Instead, Barr adds this little sentence planting a seed of doubt in the investigation.
He didn’t say the word stop. It’s like Freeze-tag. You have to touch person, or it doesn’t count. Nice way to fuck up 400 pages of investigation Barr.
“Both the existence of the Russia investigation and the public reporting that he was under investigation”
Innocent people get just as mad as guilty people. Innocent people rush to the court to give their side of the story, guilty people obstruct justice.
Great plan, tell a foreign minister that you fired the head of the most powerful investigation agency in the world. This is toxic for so many reasons and as soon as this was said in public, the Congress should have removed him. This was said after it was publicly stated that Russia had interfered in our elections. This was the most dangerous thing to the National Security to the United States since him actually getting elected. First, he validated their counterintelligence efforts (may have been a dog-whistle). Second, he bragged about turmoil within the private confines of the bureaucracy, showing weakness (not a dog-whistle, just fucking stupid). And lastly, He was still under investigation. This is like losing at dodgeball, then taking a knife and popping all the dodgeballs on the court, then saying, “I win”
One guy shows empathy, and now the entire foreign community thinks it’s unfair to be investigated? It’s unfair to have a criminal represent the most powerful country in the world.
“While I greatly appreciate you informing me that I am not under investigation (Comey never said that, and stated so in a sworn testimony) conderning what I have often stated is a fabricated story (it wasn’t even fabricated ever) on a Trump-Russia relationship (there was)
Trump learned his lesson from Firing Comey and when he fired Maria Yavanovich, he provided no reason which is much better than this reason. Both still provide plausibility that the President was involved in conspiracy.
leaks, spies, moles, rats, and whistleblowers are only a problem if you are criming. I have never gone to a D&D game night (I should stop the sentence there, but it misses the joke), and had a friend looking out the window for the cops.
“They did not raise concerns about replacing him” Might this be considered obstruction?
I mean, I know that I’m not a lawyer, but I think that firing the lead prosecutor, thus delaying the conclusion to the investigations would be an impediment. I would say asking the lead prosecutor for loyalty would be influencing.
“The original termination letter should not see the light of day”
You can’t have this entire investigation without Buttery Males.
“Did you fire Comey because of what Rod wrote in the memo?”
Rod Rosenstein, I don’t know if I can thank you for not falling inline with this conspiracy to obstruct an investigation because had you gone and lied, we would have even more people think that this was a hoax. But on the other hand, you pussed out and didn’t tell the American people that the we had a fucking criminal in the White House so Fuck You.
This is treasonous – “By grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into Russia’s actions, James Comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russia”
Let me try to translate that into stupid – “I want to create an ally with our enemy because our enemy voted me into office”
This is a statement that makes me want to vomit. The next step in Kompramat is to force a civil war. There are many warnings that disinformation is going to step up in the next election. If only President Trump was able to have total and complete communication with the man who took credit for the Kompramat, he would definitely do what is best (for him, not the country. That is obvoious at this point).
“We lost confidence that the guy investigating us would not continue investigating us, so we let him go.”
This is very true. There was certainly no option for Donald Trump to hide from the largest FBI investigation in the history of the United States. A good time would have been after he handed over his conclusions to a not-piece of shit Attorney General who cared more about the future of the country than the popularity of their party. I guess that wasn’t part of the I’m-going-to-demolish-the-constitution-playbook.
It definitely impeded the investigation and allowed for disinformation to be spread. As I said above, there was no good time to fire Comey, but the way it was handled via obstruction was a clear violation. if say, Trump were to provide a letter that had explained all of the spun reasons for firing Comey, and provided them to this investigation, this wouldn’t have been as much of an issue. But, we all know the real answers, some people see it, and other don’t want to open their eyes.
“It was widely know that the FBI, as a part of the Russia investigation was investigating the hacking of the DNC’s computers – a clear criminal offense.”
By the way, this analysis will be rendered useless in a couple weeks when the executive summaries show that Mueller was begging for impeachment. As for now, we see that we cannot prove that Donald Trump directly asked for those emails. We only have 85 accounts of Trump tweeting about them. There is a strong disconnect, and I do believe that Trump had no direct contact with Guccifer 2.0. This does not mean his is innocent of conspiracy to collect those emails. In fact, this is a pretty clear documentation that he is trying to throw off the trail over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
“whether the President had a motive related to Russia-related matters that an FBI investigation could recover, we considered whether the President’s intent in firing Comey was connected.” Yes, but connected from a public relations point of view more than an obstruction of a crime strategy. This also assumes that every other obstructive act was only done for public relations, and this is where I would side with AG Barr, there is no proof, given the data collected, that the president wasn’t just obsessed with his ‘media attention’ –
Until you look into what was being obstructed, who was lying, who was ordered to lie, and who refused to lie.
Yay! we get to bring this into law classes, and even a brave high school class gets to re-enact the president. I have been scolded by my father as a 30 year old man to not say the word fuck.
Well, isn’t this presidential, “i’m fucked!” Here is the way I look at it. you got into prison for conspiring to fraud the American people through various forms of election tampering. Sure, you are going to make it a few months without getting fucked. But at a certain point, you just might consider taking on a boyfriend. After all, your cellmate is much less cold than Milania.)
Let me be clear, the word fuck is not offensive to me, and this is one of the few things that Donald Trump has done, he broke down Politically Correct culture, and I commend him for that. Now we just get to see all kinds of words thrown at politicians; exposing true sentiments. Except now the left wants to make laws to prevent people from saying the word faggot or retard, while not even attempting to impeach the President for saying Motherfucker to billions of people. Pussy-ass-faggot-retards they are for not exercising their right to quell the powers of the presidency. It falls right in line with the idea that all Americans are:
Trump wanted to bring Sessions in to have him be the fall guy knowing that Sessions recusing himself meant he had a bunch of Russian money lining his pockets. Alabama, you are better than that, get Russian money out of your politicians pockets. Miss a day of work, or you might not have to worry about voting again.
“it would ‘look like still trying to meddle in the investigation’ and ‘knocking out Mueller’ would be another fact used to claim obstruction”
It’s right here in the fucking document! READ THE TRANSCRIPT.
And then he goes on to tell McGahn to fire Mueller. Definitely the signs of innocence. What purity.
McGahn tried to resign amidst, “the president trying to get him to do crazy shit”
Further down, apparently he had lots of support from Republicans in Congress. Birds of a feather and whatnot.
McGahn is going to testify to Congress, so I don’t need to talk too much more, but he was instructed to “tell Rosenstein not only that conflicts existed but also that ‘Mueller has to go'”
“the President was not just seeking an examination of whether conflicts existed but instead was looking to use asserted conflicts as a way to terminate the special counsel.”
“This is he end of my presidency” (I wish) “you were supposed to protect me”
This was a comment about Sessions recusing himself. There has been some dirty pool being played in the Republican party.
McGahn and Lewendowski both refused to break laws on the President’s behalf. I don’t know why Mueller didn’t just rush this into Congress. “He is too stupid to know he was asking people to break laws” is not a justifiable case, in fact it’s very illegal.
First of all, Sessions would not be legally allowed to do this, because it is considered tampering with an ongoing investigation. Secondly, The grammar makes Jeff Sessions sound like a middle-school debate team contestant.
The resulting message is much more hopeful that there will be more investigators regularly inspecting political candidates, especially with regard to foreign oligarchs using money that they stole from their people to manipulate American international diplomatic interests.
He said it folks, “The President should not be subject to an investigation ‘because he hasn’t done anything wrong.” I’m so sorry Mr. President. Carry on, but you’ll let us know if you were going to crime? Right? Is breaking the law to continue your illegitimate presidency would be something you would tell us?

“The President had ordered McGahn to have the special counsel removed, which itself followed public reports that the President was personally under investigation for obstruction of justice” – Do I even need to say anything here? The only defense I can see here is that he has every right to remove the special counsel. So did Nixon. How did that one work out?

This is not proof that Trump had coordinated with Russians, he just had a meeting with them on June 9th. The meeting about the Moscow Tower
A week before he declared his announced running mate.
“The emails were ‘really bad’ and the story would be ‘massive’.
He said it was over, why are there so many conspiracy theorists out there. What? you don’t think a slimy business man means what he says when he lies? When Trump lies, he usually finds some idiot that falls within his gravity to validate him. Just an FYI, all of these documents are being withheld by the White House, which is yet another obvious obstruction of justice. So even if Trump was just a stubborn old narcissist who just wanted people to like him, we don’t get to determine that lie because the White House is towing the line and pissing off quite a few congressmen.
Russian adoption….”with an individual who I was told might have information helpful to the campaign”
Adopting votes?
Adopting illegal foreign campaign donations?
Adopting another ex-wife?
oh, it was changed to Primarily. Well, I guess they talked about all of the above.

When Magnitsky sued the Russian state for this alleged fraud, he was arrested at home in front of his kids, and kept in prison, in filthy conditions, for nearly a year until he developed pancreatitis and gall stones. In November 2009, Magnitsky, 37, was found dead, chained to his bed and lying in a pool of his own urine. Apparently, when he was  dying and screaming in pain, the prison guards summoned not emergency medical help, but psychiatrists.

What made Russian officialdom so mad about the Magnitsky Act is that it was the first time that there was some kind of roadblock to getting stolen money to safety. 

Last June, Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer, met with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner to discuss restarting adoptions (in her telling). In reality, she was there to talk about undoing the Magnitsky Act. 

The Magnitsky Act so angered the Russians because it targeted what really mattered to them; it went after Russian elites’ raison d’être. It’s why Senator John McCain called it a “pro-Russia” law, and many in the Russian opposition agreed: it went after not the Russian people, but the elites who stole from them with brazen impunity. The law hit the mark so precisely and painfully that the elite lashed out fiercely enough to do what neither the Magnitsky Act nor the 2014 sanctions did: They targeted their own, most vulnerable citizens—as if they haven’t stolen from them enough.

“As noted above, the evidence does not establish that the President sought o prevent disclosure of emails in those official proceedings”
Did I miss something? Did I forget how to read? Or did I not just post way too many sources explaining this is a lie editing by William Barr
By June 29th, Trump was campaigning constantly. I guess if we asked him before he became President, then maybe we could have just imprisoned this mobster. Instead, 20% of the population glommed on to the “wining team” philosophy of binary American politics, and since they voted for this lie, they spent the following 3 years defending more than what I have displayed above. I keep saying it on social media, and you should to, “My condolences that you were duped. The sooner you recognize this, the faster you, your party, and your feelings can recover. The world isn’t a lie, you just had your eyes closed. We aren’t going to let Mr. Trump run in 2020, because it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that he violated many American, and some international laws. You might not have known about these laws, and it seems clear that a gigolo like Jared Kushner and a trust fund baby like Donald Trump Jr. were not fit to participate in international diplomacy. That was not the swamp, it cannot be drained because the American people are at risk if they are removed. There are thousands of people who work hard so you can have free and fair elections. He was not supposed to be there, and I forgive you for your accident.”
Here is another example of trying to get Sessions to jump in and treat 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like Westeros.
“Sessions knew better than most that there was no Collusion” – not in any legal sense, and if that was the scope of this investigation, it was doomed before it started. Corruption? absoultely? Conspiracy? I would like to leave it up to a bipartisan jury. Obstruction of justice? I mean, I am getting tired of typing it.
“The President believed that an unrecused Attorney General would play a protective role and could shield the President from the ongoing Russia investigation” -Dammit, I was hoping to continue with the Mafia Don storyline, not the Mafia Downs storyline. This is playing with fire. Bringing as much as possible under the auspice of Executive privilege is dangerous. Selecting a Senator who has known contacts with the same Russians that the President has received illegal foreign money from is right back to stupid. And illegal. Alabama, are you listening?
“mcGahn could not resign no matter what happened in the meeting” – The fuck? Now we have a new charge, and I didn’t even see it coming. If he literally wouldn’t let him leave it would be kidnapping. “you can’t quit, because your fired!” – someone has to have this recording. Please Cunningham’s law, bring me God’s greatest gift. I know the Chinese have a recording from some septuagenarian’s unsecured phone (I don’t, but I do believe it exists somewhere).
“I never had a lawyer who took notes”
“I am a real lawyer, of course we take notes”
Roy Cohn is Disbsarred from the State of New York. His lawyer before McGahn is in prison. I don’t think he has made a good choice of lawyers if I’m being honest. If this doesn’t make you think that this man is just another dumb criminal, I don’t think you could have read this far. And if you don’t laugh at how ridiculous this statement is, I want to reassure you that there are thousands of enforcement officers and lawyers and politicians that see this statement.
“Substantial evidence supports McGahn’s account that the President had directed him to have the Special Counsel removed”
But he didn’t say the word “Fire” so he clearly didn’t ask McGahn to “have him removed”
I don’t even need to write anything here to laugh.
I guess they are tying to use “press strategy” as an excuse for all crimes.
Trump if he didn’t inherit $400milion: “Sir, I did not rob the liquor store, because admitting so would hurt my brand”
judge: “Mr. Trump, you are free to go”
Most people would call it obstruction of justice, and maybe Barr’s team missed this one buried in the “intent” section.
Sorry, I’m about to yell in all caps, “PAUL MANAFORT TAMPERED WITH WITNESSES WHILE OUT ON BAIL!” What the heavenly fuck? I don’t really believe in Capital Punishment, but this man has had enough time on this planet.
Who did he get to?
“Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign” No?

Manafort, 68, joined the Trump campaign on March 29, 2016, when he was named campaign convention manager for the Republican Party‘s mid-July gathering in Cleveland.

Manafort was “volunteering his considerable insight and expertise because of his belief that Mr. Trump is the right person for these difficult times,” a news release from the Trump campaign said at the time.
The president so wants to make it to the next election to pay back all of his lackeys that are now rotting in prison for getting away with the heist. A Pardon is not off the table yet. If Paul Manafort doesn’t die in prison, we have failed as a democracy. In the current context, Manafort talking to Ghouliani is a scary proposition. Manafort knows far too many shady people to be left in the populace. This is very similar to the Saturday night massacre where Nixon fired his special counsel. The problem was that Manafort has done so much shady shit that Trump actually had to fire him to separate him from the campaign. People thought Trump would pardon Epstein, he didn’t. Epstein used his contacts to escape prison and is probably having sex with his sex slaves on pedophile island. If this 100 page blog post doesn’t display how much effort that Trump needs to put into getting re-elected, it’s because he needs to pardon these people. This is undemocratic on its face and pure corruption. Do not let this happen. I don’t even care about Republican vs. Democrat, but people like Rogers Stone and Paul Manafort, and Jeffrey Epstein are/were associates with a man who now wants to exercise executive privilege to prevent a free and fair election. If he succeeds in obstructing this case, he will free these evil people who have a lot of death and destruction on their hands.
“Paul Manafort’s a good man” – This is the man who is representing every single American and former American.
“Don’t fool yourself,” Andrea wrote to her sister, according to the texts. “That money we have is blood money.” – Paul Manfort’s daughter
“There was a quote put out by a source close to Manafort (because this man knows how to proxy) that the plea agreement has, and cooperation agreement has, nothing to do with the Trump campaign…Now, I know that because I’ve been privey to a lot of facts I can’t repeat” – Rudy Guiliani.
Translation: We discussed whether or not we could pardon Manafort, because we really want to get get this guy back into our cabinet dispite the fact that he is one of the worst humans on the plane that has his hands in many authoritarian’s pockets. It has nothing to do with the campaign, because it is the Trump Presidency that Manafort testified about. it reminds me of:
“if they had the natural tendency to prevent particular witnesses from testifying truthfully.” We need to come up with a Barrism? to explain what lying is in official documentation. Does asking multiple staffers to write letters to lie not count as “preventing particular witnesses from testifying truthfully”? Nah, just a Barrism.
And at the bottom, more “pardon was a possibility for Manafort” – Do you want war? Because this guy knows how to start conflict and get innocent people killed. If you are pro-war, you are Pro-Manafort. If you are pro-Manafort, you are a fucking psychopath, and vice-versa.
He only told his 60 million Twitter followers that the trial was a hoax. I thought this whole thing started with regard to Kompramat which started in 2014, and now I just see that we have a content creator for our fake news, and it’s the guy that has used the word fake news more than he has read actual words in the last 3 years. He has tweeted “fake news” 596 times. I think it is time to eliminate the fake news. Maybe Mike Pence will be a great President, but I can’t have this one anymore, it’s broken.

“the Presiden’ts conduct towards Manafort indicates that the President intended to encourage Manafort to not cooperate with the government’

I remember a time when being a lawyer or a politician required lots of reading. When Lindsay Graham said:

Oh, sorry, we were talking about reading, Lindsay graham said this about the facts of the Zelenskyy case:

0:41 he responds that he will not read the transcripts. Of a phone call. that is only 5 pages. You think he will read this 400 pages of lies on top of crimes on a bed of obstruction of justice? Not a fucking chance. Go retire to a graveyard somewhere, you are not doing any good for the American people. Speaking of “READ THE TRASNCRIPT:

Criminal: look at but the United States has been very ·very good to Ukraine. I wouldn’t say that it’s reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good but the United States has been very very good to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy: Iwould also·like to thank you·for.your great support in the area of defense. . We. are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps. specifically we a·re almost. ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.

Criminal: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike … I guess you have one of your weal thy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on the whole situation. I think you are _surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people and I would like you get to the bottom of it, As you said yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller.

You can read the entire transcript here. So, Not only did the President discuss Crowdstrike (a debunked conspiracy theory that continues to purpetuate fake news), and he was praising Shokin. Remember, that shady oligarch that Devin Nunes was collecting money from? Ya, that guy. Sorry, let’s stay on track.

“…which would make cooperation with the government as a means of obtainng a lesser sentence unnecessary
color me surprised. I can’t write it any more. I’m just going to post a pikachu face every time I see obstruction of justice for the next six pages.
oh, a party line? Cool, hey guys. Wanna do a party line so we can discuss our crimes together and not write them down on emails or text messages? NO collusion though. And No Quid Pro Quos unless it’s foreign policy, then we can do it all the time!
Ok, so it goes back as far as 2013. But once he declared his presidency, they all stopped contacts. And this is the defense of the entire Mueller report that states “total exoneration” Look at that, I had a page that didn’t involve obstruction of justice.
Oops. I guess that was the exact time frame of Trump declaring his presidency. It is true, this entire document cannot make a connection between Trump tower Moscow and the Trump campaign. Of course they all lied and this proves that they lie more than it proves that they didn’t collude with Russia. But where are all the financial paper trails? Where is any look into the campaign funds? It’s as if a humanities professor wrote this qualitative study on the crimes of Donald Trump but has math anxiety. And considering Trump has numerous businesses, so it is easy to shelter money through a guy like Shokin. But, Nope, just want to concern ourselves with a meeting that fell through because he became President. I’m not going to be sarcastic here, If I were a Senator, I would be very concerned about where the money for the Trump campaign came and went, and how much was pulled from businesses to promote the campaign. This is what I would consider probably cause for crimes. Going back to the Steele Dossier, the leading up this potentially very illegal development of a tower in Moscow with American Funds to plaster a big Trump symbol on a poorly built building is not in the best interest of America.
Not once Cohen? You just stopped talking about it. Do you think it might have been illegal to continue talking about it? Do you think the money that was supposed to come in from the deal went somewhere else?
Shit, Cohen lied. The deal ended in January, so why was there contact in May and a meeting scheduled for the same day that the campaign was announced? That’s right, crimes, and…
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice.
This is the Mueller report. This is what the Senate looked at and determined there was no crime? Fuck people really do just glance at the talking points. Here’s one, “Cohen recalled that this was part of a ‘script’ or talking points he had developed with the President-Elect”
And a page above we have a 3rd date that is inconsistent with other dates, why are these people not testifying before Congress? Do you want the whole thing to burn to the ground?
Shit, I found another emoluments clause violation. Well, not really, but he is a fucking peddler, not a president. More projection.
And here we have the explanation why Trump sounds like a wacky conspiracy theorist. He is reading the same terrible news that you are, without actually reading. He is not being briefed in the intelligence community because they don’t trust him, and those around him “kep[t] him out of the narrative” so he doesn’t have any intelligence.
14 contacts on August 27th, 2017. We have a traitor. and is now in prison for saying the contacts stopped in January of 2016. Now, this does not mean that these contacts were illegitimate, but if they were, Cohen wouldn’t have lied to congress and gone to jail so
*shoulder shrug*
So, this lie led Congress to believe that there wasn’t a smoking gun. The Moscow Tower is the smoking gun, which may or may not have been a crime. It didn’t sound like one when you lie about the dates, but if you put the dates in order it is enough probable cause to justify all the fucking
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice.
Hey look at that, Cohen had admitted to paying:
If you want to turn your safe search on, you too can see what Donald Trump paid $130,000 for free. Milania is more attractive, but this woman is a pro. literally, this video is about her whoring out at a strip club. And you guys thought politics was boring. Just facts here, why would I need to lie or speculate, this is truly stranger than fiction.
Cue that Lindsay Graham quote again – “You don’t even have to commit a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic. If this body determines your conduct is out of bounds in your role. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”
It’s almost as if Lindsay was paid by someone to go back on his morals. I wonder if there is an organization large enough to investigate that sort of thing?
If anyone gets to this point in my tirade, you can rest assure that we are getting to present very quickly. Remember that back channel that Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison said he was a part of?
Ahh, Mr. Ghouliani come to investigate all those corruptions. Volker was sweating because Morrison didn’t know what Volker knew because Volker, Sondland, and Guiliani were having regular meetings behind Morrison’s back. You know, for corruption.
No Mr. President, he lied on your behalf. Likely because you made him. And now, you are slandering him while he is in prison. TEAM TRUMP 2020.
By the way, Trump may very well have been ignorant to all of these people lying him to get him elected, or deflect any of the dirt that would otherwise be harmful to a candidate or president. This is still plausible, but the
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice won’t go away.
This is very concisely written in order to leave this in the hands of Congress, “The evidence available to us does not establish that the President directed or aided Cohen’s false testimony”
Time is not exactly on the side of the prosecutor at this juncture. The case had gone on for 2 years with stonewall after stonewall and obstruction after obstruction. The lies didn’t add up, and what they had was not enough to connect the dots. Congress, I’m calling on you to make the right decision here. Read this, it’s more funny than the Mueller report, and you might learn something.
“Cohen recalled the President’s personal counsel telling him that he would be protected as long as he did not go ‘rogue'”
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice
“multiple status updates on the Trump Tower Moscow project”
Why is this not on all the loud obnoxious talking-over-each-other pundit news? It is the connection. I’m closer to Dora the Explorer than I am Hercule Poirot, but this is fucking obvious at this point.
“The President then declined to clarify the seeming discrepancy to our Office or answer additional questions.”
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice
“Some of the conduct did not implicate the President’s constitutional authority, and raises garden-variety obstruction of justice issues.” Do politicians know how to read?

“But proof of such a crime is not an element in obstruction offense” – guilty. gavel drop.
And here we have AG Barr’s dirty little hands on this fucking edit, “the evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference” – Yes, this is true, he only received money from Russian sources, and his campaign team all received illegal money to create the shell they now live inside called ‘executive privilege’.
However, all of the lying and ignoring the Trump Moscow Tower project is a pretty easy connection if you just read the report, and you know, ask the President under oath, like a democracy would.
Not Barr: “many of the President’s acts directed at witnesses, including discouragement of cooperation with the government and suggestion of future pardons, occured in public” – ok, so he broke the law in public, cool case closed..No? fuck there’s more. ok fine.
“The president’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests. Cue whatever corny late night guys cue up as they incessantly bitch and moan about his public personal, while he is literally committing crimes his entire time in office.
Laws prohibiting bribing witnesses” – so he committed an actual crime. He’s the president, give him a break. It’s not like, “we concluded that the President’s proposed interpretation to 1512(c)(2) is contrary to the litigating position of the Department” –
Translation: He doesn’t believe that he committed a crime, so he didn’t commit a crime. You know, abuse of power.

Ok, we have not immunized the President…but” our analysis led us to the conclusion that the obstruction of justice statues can validly prohibit a President’s corrupt efforts to use his official powers to curtail, end, or interfere with an investigation.
Translation: Guitly of pikachu face
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice
The Gooch!

was a kidnapper. Remember where I said him not allowing McGahn to resign was a breaking of the law, well here it is. It holds not water, it’s just another
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice
This is the legal mumbo-jumbo that says how much he obstructed justice. Just punch any of these Us v [x] into google and you will find the information on the case. Unlike the White house documentation, those legal documents are widely available.
“there must also be protection against the rare type of conduct that is the product of the inventive criminal mind and which also thwarts justice” – The jury is out on whether Trump was the inventive criminal mind, or that all of the criminals around him didn’t relay this to “the boss”
Here we have an actual defense after 350 pages. “must show as an objective matter that a defended acted in a manner that is likely to obstruct justice” Being that he has declaratory powers over all of his staff, it is hard to make the judgement of his intent to protect the Presidency or his crimes. But nowhere in this document have I found Donald Trump acting anywhere but on his own behalf. Now that is what I call a public servant.
Just in case anyone wants to use the “attempted corruption” statute, here it is in this report. “Threatening letter or communication” – have at it, I’ve been using it in this entire post.
“the conduct at issue in this investigation falls outside the scope of the obstruction laws lacks merit” – I’m not the brightest, so I got to count the + and –
the conduct at issue in this fall outside – the scope of the obstrution laws lacks – merit. Ahh double negative
Translation: He’s guilty of
Image result for pikachu face
obstruction of justice
“any constitutional tention is reconsiled through separation-of-powers analysis”
translation: Leave it up to the Congress or the Courts.
Just bringing up the federal bribery statute means that this is as clean as AG Barr could make this document. “Congress can permissibly criminalize certain obstructive conduct by the President, such as suborning perjury, intimidating witnesses, or fabricating evidence” – more guilty of crimes.
And here we fall into legal dilemma. Instead of Mueller recommending certain impeachment articles, as in his executive summaries, this comes up, “disprupts the balance between the cooordinate branches”
Translation: Things are going fine, you don’t need to impeach him, he isn’t even stepping on your toes by obstructing justice and refusing to provide continuous requests for information.
It’s not like these guys have more information about the white house than Congress.
No pardon. got it. and if he had, we would have a new President.
“The President has no more right than other citizens to impede official proceedings by corruptly influencing witness testimony.” This wasn’t put in there to defend Trump. This was a clear case of obstruction.
…And the defense that protecting his past, present, and future campaign is cause for him to protect through obstruction just died. rip pikachu. Unless you don’t read the fucking thing Lindsay!
I learned something here, You have no 5th amendment privilege in a Grand Jury. Oh Shit, let’s Go! I want to see some lies get thrown around and people arrested on the spot.
Chilling effect is a term in law and communication that describes a situation where a speech or conduct is suppressed by fear of penalization at the interests of an individual or group.
Bro, your twitter needs to chill. Also, the idea of censuring him is insufficient given the likelihood he will try to cheat in the next electio…oops he already did. That’s for another epic.
Ahh, this sounds more like the affluenza defense. Good choice, a lot of white men are saved by that one. I would definitely argue that being removed from office is damaging to the office of the President. However, I think this entire post says otherwise.
Damn! this chick is 21 and has been a twitter user longer than me? Gorilla math says she was 12 years old when she was posting about #columbiachemicals.
This is a live account that is seemingly innocuous aside from the imbalance between following and followers. This is only a small part of what got Donald Trump elected. Sure, there are 5% of the country that really like Stephen Miller or there may be 15% of people who don’t want the Federal government to exist. And then there is the ~20% on both sides of peole who only vote for a team. Those are the 40% we see in our polls, and the rest just want the rule of law. This cabinet does not abide by or believe in the rule of law. Unfortunately donny, people like Nikolaeva over here is what gave the perception that your base was much larger than it is. Only a minority of people want to make america great the way you want to: by breaking rules, hurting people, causing a divide in the country, and then breaking more rules and hurting people. For any of those 20% of republicans and democrats that refuse to budge, let’s agree on one thing, Donald Trump is a criminal. See! Unity.
And then the Hammer drop.
Barr: The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
Ya, I just read and highlighted 400 pages of crimes, and that is not the conclusion I came up with. What I came up with was, “The president may be the head of an elaborate multinational effort to thwart American Democracy, but he obstructed justice so much that we couldn’t find out whether he was just too stupid to realize there were 20+ people willing to go to prison to protect him, or they are all conspiring. I would like Congress to take a healthy look at this” Potato potatoe
“Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosensteing and I have concluded that the evidence developed during the special Counsel’s investigation is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction of justice offense. Our determination was made with out regard to, and is not based on, the constitution considerations that surround the indictment and criminal prosecution of a sitting president”
Translation: We looked at the paperwork that we doctored, and we came to the conclusion that the conclusion is inconclusive….Just kidding, we are just going to lie to Congress and expect nobody to read it. Well, I did, and if you made it this far, you pretty much did too. Now let’s relax, I mean it’s not like the President would fight an impeachment using scare tactics and threatening witnesses in order to sway public opinion.

So what’s next? Well, in the next episode of Will Donald Trump finally pay for His Crimes? we come up on a newly elected non-politician likely installed by the same tactics that the Russian government employed on the United states to get a comedian elected as their President. They didn’t have failed reality tv hosts, so they just had to deal with Zelenskyy. Similar to the surprise of Trump’s first year in office, Zelenskyy has made concerted efforts to stick to his campaign promises. And then that fucking Shitbird Donald Trump decided to fuck up the entire Diplomatic community, create a backchannel to illegal withhold funds that costs ukranians lives. Hey dude, those are white people, I thought you were racist (hint: Xenophobia is not racism, but marrying one white immigrant while signing orders to cage all the brown ones is).

The weak defense by the Republican party throughout the House impeachment inquiry was mostly about trying to expose the Whistleblower (even though the Whistleblower has no bearing on the case going forward), and get mad about something that Obama (more specifically Joe Biden) did.

The jury is still out on whether Hunter Biden was a corrupt individual or was an asset to the Burisma-Intelligence community. He was paid handsomely for poor people’s standards, but every republican screaming for his head received more money from Russian interests than he has made at Burisma. Documents from the office of Management and Budget are ordered to be released after 2 staffers quit, proving that the aid that caused soldiers to die and the Ukraine to be at risk was illegal held by the White House.

Tune in next time when we explore, “The President Won’t Leave: a horror story of the end of an empire. How the White House decided to use executive privilege to split the federal government up, causing social, economic, and political turmoil throughout the World. What team do you play for?

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