Superbowl MMXIX

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The ABCs of impeachment

It’s all about the OoJ
We’re gonna watch team politics today.
Only one side wants to hear what they say.
It will be an interesting day.

“I wonder who the whistleblower will be?”
Senator Gaetz will cry like a baby,

Millions of people will tune in to see.
The binary news media lost at sea.
Scrambling to justify the decree.
That our executive office is hiding from me.

We were looking for a commander to lead
Not campaign, and refuse to secede

Redacted to protect me?
My national security?
Sounds like bullshit to me
Those blackouts are all I want to see!

Beating this story until nothing’s left
“We could be doing more, this is theft”

It takes much courage
Nobody supports your outrage
It smells like like a blockage
It’s the people who have the disadvantage

People are sick to their stomach
Others scrambling, left flummoxed

“I don’t believe that guy”
“Why would he lie?”

This one will sing like a jay

Hey boomer! Ok!

Will Trump take an L?
I think someone is going to jail.

It won’t be him.
Trump only knows how to win,
With arguments set in,
With many fall guys in between.

“Oh no!”
Team politics tend to reap
Benefits for only a creep

Which liar is next in the queue?

You’re not supposed to ask a whistleblower who they are.

You shouldn’t make him be a witness

Keeping his identity private is best

It’s not about helping you.

It’s the truth we want to retrieve

Will someone be lying? Double you!

The story isn’t complex

So I don’t know why

The president attempted a freeze.

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