Always Told No

Can I do this?


Am I in control of realness?


But I can manifest my reality.

You are beholden to what I see.

Our reality is shared to infinity.

Your reality is judged by me.

Can you answer my question?

I have better things to do.

It doesn’t require elongation.

Why should I waste time answering questions from you?

Am I nothing more than a product?

If I don’t gain, I don’t win.

Profit from conduct?

You can say that again!

Opportunity falling from trees?

Nobody wants you.

I can even provide expertise.

Nothing separates the two.

I’ll sit back and wait for someone to want me.

Never a knock at the door.

I have always been good company.

You are probably asking for more.

Fuck it! I’ll pave my own way!

Your indecision makes you weak.

I really shouldn’t listen to what you say.

You are me! It’s the truth that you seek.

Suffering causes greatness.

To the survivors.

Why can’t I find love? I miss feeling weightless.

You messed it up; all those endeavors.

I’ll climb out of this slump.

Or you will be alone forever.

It’s not as if I’m on the outside of this clump.

You ain’t that smart, certainly not clever.

For every bad, we can find some good.

For every good, life needs to correct.

That might explain my mood.

You built that foundation, no wonder it wont erect.

I can start anew, I am only seeking better.

You can never outrun the shadow of your past.

Following my moral compass to the letter.

Your moral compass is broken; downcast.

External influence changes my day.

Sucking with no regret.

If I can’t get what I want, I’ll find another way.

I can’t believe you haven’t quit yet!

The last word is the sweetest!

You don’t get to tell me so!

We hope that we are treated the best.

Even in a world full of no?

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