Andrew Yang

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Andrew Yang is doing everything right.  He has a foolproof plan for the future. He has the ability to play the minority card. He can appeal to the capitalists, and the poor.  He is young looking, smart, and well educated. Andrew Yang has the ability to be everything that Donald Trump isn’t, and he’s going to lose!

The disinformation campaign that is led by the Russian government infected both sides of the aisle.  It may have affected the Democratic party more than realized, and it gave a false bravado to the Republican party.  I personally have no stake in the game, I don’t believe the best system for our country is binary. The binary concept has led to internal violence at its most extremes, and caused silence within households at its most subversive.  What people who hate our current President want to believe is that the disinformation campaign, as publicized by the Mueller investigation, was attached to this dopey character who knows nothing about international politics outside of his business dealing and lobbying skills.  Donald Trump does not know about diplomacy, and the tool of disinformation was to make the American people divided against the central government. I am not against the deterioration of the central government to a certain extent, but nobody wants to be led by a fool.

If Andrew Yang wants to even compete for the presidency, presumably against Trump, he has to be in the Democratic party.  For those that don’t know, Andrew Yang is running on the most socialist platform that the American political system has ever seen.  Because the word socialism has been co-opted as a slur from American conservatives, at the extremes people use socialism as any idea that takes away rights of any kind.  However, socialism, as an economic structure, has much less to do with taking away rights and has more to do with the redistribution of the tax system. The American disinformation campaign carries a longer history than anything the Russians have done.  The idea that poor people vote for representatives that directly take their rights away, both economically and socially, is generations of disinformation distributed by lobbyists, journalists, and liars in every aspect of life. It isn’t the system that is corrupt, it is the corrupt individuals that reconstructed the system to favor their survival.  Russia’s disinformation campaign is operating on the same principles. A disoriented Bear is easier to fight than one who thinks clearly. As I said earlier, The Russian disinformation campaign targeted American liberals. Mostly, the Russians wanted to create chaos.

Andrew Yang provides an answer to the chaos that has nothing to do with the Russian disinformation campaign.  There is a myth that Donald Trump won on a populism doctrine. The chaos created by the Russians was to create infighting.  It worked. An already corrupt system of gerrymandered districts provided the pockets of successful corrupt career politicians who are not out to make their political region better.  Even at the city council level, lobbying and corruption exists. Lobbying is the legal way for Corporations (considered people) to give money to politicians in favor of indirect voting power in democratic institutions.  Many consider it fair, many believe it decays the voting process. But, anyone can do it, so the democratic process is fair in that sense. What isn’t fair is the poor distribution of wealth in America. The wealth distribution gap is only going to get worse unless we solve for the future.  It doesn’t help when a disinformation laid the groundwork for the majority of elections to win in favor of someone who lives in the past.

“Self driving cars won’t be available for another decade”  – Self driving cars are testing and operating all over the country, today!  Further, Corporations are investing every bit they have in the race toward automation at the same time that American liberals are fighting for a higher minimum wage.  The same party that championed Unions are trying to operate like a union because the American disinformation built a myth that the Automotive industry killed unions. It was a complicated mess that killed the most powerful unions in America.  Some of it was self-destructive, with the unions being co-opted by the Mafia, but that just made it easy for the American Corporations to magnify their enemy’s leadership. To this day, Baby Boomers look at the collapse of the American automotive unions as a collapse of leadership, ignoring all the propaganda and laws created with the help of lobbying and corrupt politicians who believed it was better for their wallet, and the country, if unions didn’t exist.  Why should someone be making 10% more income year over year? It’s not like the same corporations were profiting. in fact, they were losing money due to many factors outside of the control of the Corporation.  Thanks to the Republican conservative Richard Nixon, the creation of the Environmental Protection Act had consequences for the wrong team.  The unions were at their strongest, and so were government regulations. The EPA was absolutely necessary because rivers were literally catching on fire. It wasn’t until the overreach of American liberals that people started to make the EPA and it’s actions political.  Above all, the ability for workers to unionize is protected by the constitution  Being that employees are the highest cost to a business, Corporations aimed at unions, and won!  They garnered support from the same party that punished them for their indiscretions. It was a worthwhile compromise in the long run.  They needed to automate, they needed to stop polluting so much that it was poisoning American people, and they needed to get back to profitability.  After 30 years of decay, the cities by which there was a prideful working class became ghost towns. All of this was done without the vote of the American people, unless you consider voting with your wallet, by which Americans were buying better, cheaper Japanese cars throughout the 1980s to today, and thanks to the automation in the 80s and continued belief in being “too big to fail” the federal government didn’t want to see the rest of the country look like the Detroit metropolitan area which was directly affected by the battle between unions and Corporations.  The Corporations left, opting to move manufacturing out of the country and limit the American workforce to more technical tasks.

Well, we are watching more and more of the technical tasks being automated.  Andrew Yang supports an idea called, “The Freedom Dividend”. It’s a great idea.  It might be too great of an idea. It’s also a populist idea. The problem with populism is that we have structures in place in our political system preventing against mob mentality, or the stupidity of the herd.  We don’t have direct elections. We hire representatives to make decisions on our behalf. People move much easier in larger groups. people move like water. It’s hard to sway one individual’s opinion, psychologically, it is easier to move an entire group.  Our founding fathers knew this somehow, and protected us from direct elections. The Freedom Dividend is Universal Basic Income.  Andrew Yang is very eloquent, and he does a great job of selling the idea to anyone who is listening. He is making his way around alternative media outlets, He knows how to reach the largest audiences, and still nobody knows who he is.

He is David going against the Goliath of the corrupt American political system  that has over 100 years of direct relationships with Corporations. If he could somehow garner support from the Corporate decision-makers, he might have a chance.  However, water only moves as fast as it is tilted. Corporations don’t move fast. They want stability. Consumer confidence comes from stability. The instability of the American Political system caused the greatest market correction since 2008, and nobody noticed.  The American Political system is so tied to the stock market that when our Heads of State falter, our economic market responds in kind. There is an evil word in the stock market – Inflation!

Inflation is Andrew Yang’s true enemy.  People who enjoy the idea of identity politics will cry racism if he is even given enough platform to compete in the inevitable head-to-head battle between Donald Trump and whoever the Democratic party decides to compete.  I personally don’t believe Andrew Yang will be allowed to compete against Donald Trump. Andrew Yang is America. He is what we want all immigrants to aspire to become. Andrew Yang is a second generation Asian Immigrant and his parents who were academic elites, raised him fantastically.  Yang is a well spoken, successful businessman. It would make sense from an identity politics standpoint pass the torch to the new successful immigrant populace.  There has been a long history of second generation immigrants becoming the President – the first was Thomas Jefferson. The fact that Yang is Asian-American dare not be in issue in the current identity politics era we are currently enjoying.  It is a great time for legal immigrants (especially 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants) because the political system is being attacked for not having the representation it feels necessary to represent the country. The idea that a person needs to look like you to represent you is ludicrous!  Identity politics is prejudice, plain and simple. The issues that Americans need to focus on is not making more people that look like them in positions of power, but is the impending crumbling of the lower socio-economic status of America. Granted, immigrants will always be in that class until they develop systems of their own, develop from within their family structure, and gain power through a drive to succeed.  All immigrant groups have operated like this since the beginning. At a time when communicating ideas was done face-to-face, it was basic tribalism that helped immigrant groups unionize through their identities to survive. Growing up very close to the latino communities of California, I have been exposed to the methodology by which communities band together internally in the lesser developed areas and built it up somewhere between their standards and limitations.  It shouldn’t be an issue whether Andrew Yang’s parents came from anywhere in the world, but it will be used a tool to try to defeat the real macro-political issue that would inevitably result from giving every American $1000 per month. It isn’t that Andrew Yang’s idea doesn’t have protection from inflation, it’s that Corporations will salivate at the idea of raising prices, and there is nothing any government agency can do to stop them.

If I were to draw the perfect candidate that would appeal to both sides, Andrew Yang might fit that box.  No person can escape the University of California liberal indoctrination. When I was there 15 years ago I knew one Republican.  He was allowed to voice his opinion, nobody silenced him, de-platformed him (we didn’t have internet bully-pulpits back then), and he was a dissenting view that strengthened our diversified worldview.  I can only imagine how toxic that echo chamber is with today’s current climate. Despite the echo chambers that Universities historically provide, the depth of University culture is weak insofar as it is a voting bloc. The students rarely register, their votes are suppressed by the gerrymandering and corruption of city politics, and there is a direct correlation between age and voting – the older a person is, the more likely that person is to vote.  Not that Andrew Yang’s platform has the masses scurrying to support him, most people do not know his name.

Bernie Sanders represents the old conservative left.  He wants to compromise the economy through a different angle.. Bernie will also lose.  His platform does not concern itself with the consequences of his actions. Bernie operates on principle of punishment for wrongdoing.  The culture of personal responsibility has been decaying at the same pace of the income disparity gap. During the last election, Bernie Sanders had the most support from the young, delusional protestors that argue for issues that cannot be solved via protest. It was a joke when I was at University, and it is a joke now.  The only difference is the methodology – from the 1960s – 2010s a gradual reduction of the efficacy of protesting led the American liberals to find stronger methods. This has led to safe spaces, de-platforming, and a general consensus in echo chambers that opposing opinions should be silenced, not debated. The voting bloc of students widely supported Bernie Sanders, but the corruption of the Democratic party, coupled with Disinformation, divided the Democratic party, and divided the country.  Bernie Sanders – a career politician, lost to Hillary Clinton – a career politician. Her balls were bigger, she swung them around, and it is very possible her ties to Russian disinformation are stronger than Donald Trump’s. The idea of finding a representative that looks like you, well only Larry King and Larry David look like Bernie Sanders, but every woman can relate to Hillary Clinton’s vagina, so it would be inevitable that she win, right? No, I fell in that trap in the past, and recall debating the idea of a female president long before Hillary Clinton had a chance to run.  Identity politics is weak, shallow, and prejudice.

Hillary Clinton would have been too much of a international political force for the Russians to accept.  I am not as involved in international politics as I once was, so I can’t speak to the depth of Hillary’s covert tactics with regard to Russia, that is for another day to write about why Russia was afraid to have an experienced head of state versus an ignorant businessman.  From an international relations perspective, Hillary Clinton was an experienced diplomat, where Donald Trump was an inexperienced loudmouth who walks loudly and carries a small stick. It was a shock when I found that millions of American women didn’t identify themselves as feminists.  This is proof that the fight is won, and the warriors have come home itching to jump on to another battlefront. Having a vagina does not represent political views of a person. Whichever shade a person’s skin tone does not portray people’s trust, or lack of trust in that person. This was evident, and the only attempt to dismantle the Russian’s choice for an American President is to focus on the skin and gender of a person, and not focus on the issues that need to be dealt with.

Why is Donald Trump going to be elected in 2020?  Because it isn’t about identity politics. It isn’t about representative democracy.  It’s about the corruption of the American political system by the Corporations that make democratic decisions.  Those Corporations arguably hold a more important role than who the next president will be. Afterall, a shitty president hurts far less than a multinational Corporation who decides to stop paying taxes via leaving and operating in another region.  Yes, the Russian Disinformation campaign was successful after years of preparation. Preparation that was under the wing of Hillary Clinton. She was in charge of International relations as the Secretary of State for President Obama. She was supposed to be sniffing out the subversion by the Russian government, but dropped the ball because she was so eager to become the first female president that she spread herself too thin to succeed in either.   That is a simplified, shallow view, that doesn’t touch on the reality that Vladimir Putin didn’t want Hillary Clinton anywhere near the controls of the federal government of the United States of America. Hillary created the Global Engagement Center This may have been the relationshp Putin was trying to avoid.  The Global Engagement Center was an counterterrorism unit that started to focus on some of the satellite organizations orchestrated by Russia.  It is certainly possible that Donald Trump was placed in to office, unbeknownst to Trump himself, simply to avoid the conflict brewing that could label Russian activities as terrorist activities.  Hillary Clinton didn’t lose because she has a vagina, and she obviously didn’t win for the same reason. The representatives, the electoral college, was tricked by the Russian disinformation campaign causing a rift in the social fabric of America.  Now, we have to double-down. Trump has to win for stability. Trump has to win to sanctify the two-party systems accidentally created. Trump has to win to prove that the Russian disinformation campaign was unsuccessful.

The Mueller report has truths buried in it that are very political in nature.  The reluctance of the American judicial system to simply expose to the American people that Hillary Clinton failed to squash the disinformation campaign when she found out about it does not put our country in a better position for the upcoming election.  Andrew Yang does not want to focus on International policy, he is focused on the failures affecting this country domestically. Although I have heard Andrew Yang speak for multiple hours, I can’t recall his take on international policy. He isn’t on the radar of the Russian Disinformation campaign.  He is operating on a platform of Donald Trump’s populism, so if he were to go head-to-head against Trump, he would have to compete against the prowess of the presidency, regardless of how tainted it became through this fiasco. In a battle of populism versus populism, Andrew Yang will lose to the incumbent.  Donald Trump will win, because the economy will need stability. Changing of the guard carries inherent risk to stability. There are bureaucrats working hard every single day preparing for the next regime. The nature of American political term limits is a double-edged sword, which is why the American federal government is a slow moving monolith.  If Donald Trump gets impeached because the Russian Disinformation campaign infected the presidency, the Russians won. If Donald Trump doesn’t get impeached because the sensitivity of the federal government is at stake, then we inevitably have four more years of the stupidest president known to American history.

Sorry Andrew, your ideas are sound, you have been presidential your entire life, you have a platform the populism would embrace if they knew about it.  Unfortunately, the election of the President of the United States of America is not direct democracy. You cannot beat inflation, and America is having trouble dealing with Russian Disinformation.  Your best chance is to convince Donald Trump that the Freedom Dividend was invented by him – Freedom divided, by Trump (patent pending).

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