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You miss all of the shots you don’t take.
All that is at stake.

You were given the keys to a castle
Of which so many want to enjoy.
Instead of inviting, it becomes a hassle
Reducing a man to a toy.

It’s your turn now
But you don’t know how
Your demeanor won’t let you
I can see it on you somehow.

Priorities come first
What an obvious statement
How can I satiate my thirst
Whenever conversation leads to abatement?

All conversations end
Returning to strangers
or becoming new friends.

You might be my last match
I doubt it,
but you never know.
I’m looking for the keys to your castle
It seems inviting; It glows

All it takes is one drink
To find out who we are
It’s easy to dupe those who don’t think
It’s harder in person, to hide the scars.

Stop worrying and pulling back
The rush of dropping the gate
It isn’t a personal attack
To ask him on a date

Just because he’s eagerly standing at the most
Doesn’t mean he wants to tear it down.
You don’t have to boast
We already notice the crown!

You are the princess
The queen of the castle if you wish
You will never find prince charming
Leaving the gate up like this.

Your prince is out there
Lost in a sea of swipes
You might have guessed wrong from despair
Or stuck to your particular likes

What you want and what you need
Are generally not the same
That man is your steed
Broken but not tame

You might be too patient
He might get lost
Indecision has a price
Love isn’t something to be tossed.

It is a serious matter
Lives are at stake
Just give him some face to face chatter
Please let down the gate.

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