A vacation from my vacation before my vacation

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Unintentionally reclusive, it’s easy to fall into a lonely trap.  I have been home for over a week, and have fallen back into my routine of nothingness.  I am about to venture off and bounce around America some more.  All it takes is an excuse, and I’m off visiting somewhere to meet up with people I love.

There is an exhaustion that sets in after a long trip.  I was away from my home for an entire month.  I spent a week in New York City, and then bounced around the United Kingdom.  Plenty of Irish will argue that Ireland is not in the UK, that’s like calling Canada America’s 51st state.  Had I been in Belfast, not Dublin, I might be able to get away with a geopolitical snafu, but I spent a could days in Dublin at the very end of my trip.  I rarely spent more than 2 days in the same bed, and it was nice to completely veg out for a few days and not worry about having to check out at 10am.

I rarely prepare for any of my trips.  I mentally prepare – I create a budget, a loose idea of what I’m doing, where I’m going, and when I will return.  I always give myself a buffer of time to decompress.  I imagined I would return home filled with ideas from all my travels, but instead I was met with a dullness that accompanies shallow boredom.  It wasn’t that I was lacking ideas, I was lacking any kind of motivation.   This is my attempt to climb out of the funk before I wander off again.

The plan is to visit my family in Destin, Florida.  The redneck riviera is one of the most beautiful places in the continental United States, and I will be enjoying some make-up time with my mother.  I didn’t get a chance to celebrate her birthday and Mother’s day, so I hope spending a few days with her while she’s on vacation will mend the wounds.  It should be a relaxing few days.

Then I am off to New Orleans.  I have been to New Orleans a few times, and this will be the first with a group of guy friends.  The rhythm of the city just suites me.  I love the relaxed attitude, the kind spirit, and the pride that residents share with tourists.  I considered moving to New Orleans a few years ago, but decided to crawl back to Sonoma County with my tail between my legs.  I also wasn’t sure I would be able to handle the year round heat.  After a month in Britain, I welcome high humidity and a relaxed atmosphere.

From the weekend in New Orleans, I am projected to drive all the way to California for a 20th annual camping trip.  2500 miles in 4 days driving seems like a tall task and I might be up for it.  I’m sure the decision will be made while spending time with some of those same friends in New Orleans.

I will keep this one short. I’m slowly creating a routine that includes writing at least one piece per week.

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