Let’s take a trip around the world

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Come with with me,

and you shall see

A world of pure imagination.

If you took

Trips like me

You’d witness pure fascination.

We’ll begin

Traveling in

Starting in

The state of my creation.

What we’ll see

Is obviously

A clear lack of sanitation.

If you want to know the difference

Between real like and ignorance

Just take a trip

To another city.

There’s isn’t much

to it.

I’ve found no

City I know

That has captured

My imagination;

Living there

Can be compared

To having all the options.

Moving on

Across the pond

Streets are lined

With delicate replacement.

Once you see

What I mean

You want to go and face it.

Across the China Sea

A place that couldn’t be

further from nature,


Without trees

A world of faceless races.

What they are

Are buildings and cars

Built for our amusement.

Getting around

Won’t be hard

As long as there is


If you return

With a scar and a burn

Make to appreciate it.

All the places

Have familiar faces

Tolerance let’s you know

As a world we have made it!


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