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Beggars and thieves

Stealing people’s hearts

One grovel at a time.

Making the world harsh and cold.

Wishes are screaming at the wind.

Nobody can hear them,

but everyone feels the pain.

Every soul that hurts reverberates

causing a shield that defends.

Fear not, People are good!

The beggar begs because he cannot steal.

The thief steals because he cannot beg.

Given their choice.

Choice is rarely ever a burden.

Don’t treat the beggar as a thief

for he refuses to steal.

Don’t treat the thief as a beggar

for he refuses to beg.

Treat them all as humans

And give people a chance!

Prejudice is not about identity

it is the shield of fear

Blocking the beautiful view.

The city is beautiful

Giant building the trophy of community.

The beggars and thieves are ugly

pushed to the street

treated worse than dogs.

It is not them that are ugly

we allow them.

They are our community.

We are all beggars or thieves

refusing to change.


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