Straight outta Kazakhstan

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My apologies for the poor grammar and spelling. I am not traveling with a computer.

This is why I love hostels. I didn’t catch his name, he was drunk. But, I can’t buy the kind of anecdotal information that he provided me. As this small central Asian fellow was busy shadowboxing his broken English, we laughed together. Every other word was “mutherfucker.” When I asked him where the Kazakh bloodline originated, assuming it was an ancient migration from China, he was very offended. When I asked if that bloodline drew back from genghis Khan, his response was, “Jhengis Khan fucked China” I understood.

Ghengis Khan roamed around the area that is currently Kazakhstan. Khan has been attributed to a shared DNA lineage as high as 0.5% of all humanity.

I don’t know enough about Kazakh history, and this guy was too drunk to clarify, but I did try to inquire about the silk road – the path through China on to Europe, that has been walked by humans for thousands of years. My assumption was that Kazakh people, generally, come from a multicultural combination born from generations of these travelers passing through the region. This gentleman had dark skin, black hair, and a Russian accent. This was how our conversation started.

People love talking about themselves, and it’s always a tightrope to walk, when speaking of race and ethnicity in America. I always form the question with regard to lineage, as it the most neutralized way I have found to offen the least amount of extremists. This gentleman was not offended, instead we attempted to hold a conversation.

How did I manage to meet this excited central Asian drunkard? Well, I decided to spend a week in New York. I decided to stay in some random hostel in the East Village. I decided to call it an early night my first day here. All of this led to a conversation that would never have occurred had all of these factors not aligned.

The Yin and Yang if the universe keeps everything in balance. It is how I justify bad things happening that probably shouldn’t.

And after he slipped away, presumably to get another bottle of cheap wine, this happened:

2 police officers taking him away.

I hope this photo won’t be the last I see of this gentleman.

My new friend ranted romantically about his desire to be American. Well buddy, you just became the 1%…of the incarcerated population.

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