Philosophy of Education

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Education has been a very strong part of my life. I was fortunate enough to power through both my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree without having to wrestle a full-time job or be pulled away by external factors.

My driving force for going to college as a high school student was to play soccer. It was the finish line philosophically. Thanks to some of my favorite teachers in high school, History and Politics appealed to me so I decided to major in International relations as I had a penchant for the international community. That may have had something to do with the international flavor of the soccer community, but nonetheless, studying international relations became a more powerful driving force that playing soccer.

I decided to leave the college I played soccer for, and transfer to a research university where I learned the art of real academic discipline. While I was playing soccer, these students were spending time studying. I had to change my habits and transfer them into academia.

It wasn’t until a long road of working in careers that led nowhere, with fickle job security and weak social networks, that I realized the value of pursuing my real passions. Sport has always such a valuable part of my life and the concepts of discipline, competition, and mind-body relationships tie into the philosophies I studied in my undergraduate program. So much so that after a 7 year educational hiatus (aside from professional technical education courses), I decided to study Sport Management.

My father was a business owner and I had been taught at an early age things such as ethics, negotiations, sales, and management. It was a natural fit for me to incorporate those business practices into the sporting world.

For the last 5 years I have been trying to break into the coaching arena. I believe in empowering students by going above and beyond. The only reason I became a college-level soccer player was by having coaches that did more than the minimum. Where many players had 90 minute practices, I remember having 3 hour practices with a coach getting paid ~$600 per month to put in 15 hours a week. Those coaches passion led me to who I am and I simply provide the same service to my students. At the golf academy, I consistently went out of my way for our students often spending hours each day working with them because their improvement displays my skill.

Whether it’s business, sports, or education, I love to teach. I can see how to make things better and I use those skills to make people better. Seeing people improve is my true passion.

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