Once in a Genderation

I am coining a new era. We are ushering in a new genderation, and its female.  Growing up with a twin sister, I lived a full life witnessing, anecdotally, how boys and girls were treated differently.  I hate to break it to all those poor suppressed females struggling to break through, but there wasn’t a fucking difference between our upbringing.  We both snuck out to do stupid things with our friends, we both chased the opposite sex, and we were both treated equally from most administrative structures.  I would say she was favored in terms of certain aspects, and I would also say the prison industrial complex grabbed hold of me after many failed attempts, whereas I have yet to personally witness police trying to lock her into a cage.

What is this new genderation?  It is the post feminist era where equality has already been achieved by implanting policies both officially, and socially,  and now those policies are starting to have consequences. Just like 2nd wave feminism was not aware of the damage 3rd wave feminism would do, the genderation I came from put us eye to eye.  Now, especially with regard to dating, she is looking at you, and you are staring at a wall, and someone is calling this equitable.

If you don’t know, online dating was once a way that people,who wouldn’t normally interact with the lovely people he or she might be interested in pursuing. Apparently, in this new genderation, it is either a game for girls to play, a way for whores to ask for money, a place to meet friends, the wrong sliver is looking for a relationship, and an infinitesimal shaving of women who want a no strings attached romp.  Just last night a woman told me that she was looking for friends. Never once in my life did I see a person, and judge whether or not we were going to be friends simply by his or her face, so swiping through photos, lying to yourself saying you are just looking for a friend, is apparently par for the course in this genderation. This same conversations started as follows,

Her: “So, what are you looking for?”

Me: “IDK, Intimacy is important though”

Her: “Good luck. I’m out!”

Me: “Really? Wow!  What are you looking for?”

Her: “I just moved here, I’m looking for friends” and then I proceeded to make explanation above.  “I’m just not looking for what you are asking.”

Me: “For intimacy? Intimacy could be a hug, a kiss, or a fuck.  You jump to a conclusion and just pull the ripcord right away?”

I have come to realize that most of the women available to me are not well educated, and her not implying the word intimacy means I want to fuck her is really want I want to dig into in the post.

This genderation is a sexless genderation.  Yes, a good 60% of single females are sexually active.  However, they are all fucking only 20% of dudes. This genderation is suspicious that all men are cheaters, because all women are fucking the same dudes!  Leaving poor souls like me to be stuck with scraps like a traditional Saudi royal feast. I hovered in the upper echelon of loser for a while, and now I sit and look at the goblins, the 40% of sexually inactive females trying to take their shot with me because, “I have a dick and I just want to fuck anything!”  A) I’m not 14 years old anymore and B) in this genderation, I still have the right to not be sexually assaulted despite being a man.

I like to tell a funny story about one of these goblins that thought she could take advantage of me.  This was just before the genderation exploded, around 2016. I get out of a bar, and watch my brother jump in a big minivan taxicab at 2am on the nose.  The entire bar littered into the street, and my brother jumped in the first van he could find that had people he knew, as his lazy ass didn’t want to walk the 45 minutes across town home if there were no cabs left by the end of the night.  I let out a audible, “Uhhnhhh”.

“You ain’t to worry about a thing. I’ll take you home” and I looked to to see Paul Bunyan’s granddaughter staring down at me from her 5’10” perch.

“That was my brother. I missed my riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddeeeee” I trailed the word as I watched the full taxi leave me and miss out on any possible after-party.

“Oh, I’ll give you ride home. You don’t have to worry about that.” maybe I have PTSD, or maybe “Shugga” wasn’t part of her predatory courting process, but that woman wished I was drunk enough to fuck her.  

Most men don’t get any messages in the DM’s, no matches on Tinder, no girls to sort through on Bumble, none! Most!  I have talked to a number of women who are so incredulous to believe this. I’m given crumbs and told, “You could have it worse!” When has that made it any better?  I’m losing my mind over here, and well, there are actually crazy people out here, so puff the fucking breaks you pussy, man up and get a woman (please see the irony in this common mantra).

Except in this genderation that hypocrisy has come to life.  Men are completely shit on for “manning up”, yet are still expected to provide chivalry, adoration, and pursuit to the dating scene.  The joke is old, but I’ll say it here for anyone who hasn’t heard it, “Chivalry is dead ladies, and you killed it!”

Men still want to be chivalrous, and women still want to be courted.  However, when men and women can’t interact regularly, they must resort to a medium to connect.  The medium was once a bar, until young white women frequented them, and “I only want to go dance with girlfriends. Get out of here creep!”  I witnessed this in my lifetime. The bar was where my 31 year old mother met my 20 year old stepfather (small town, he had been drinking at that bar for 8 years by then).  When young white women coopted the dive bar scene, it was no longer appropriate to ask a girl for her phone number, but she would gladly take your drink. I grew up in this era.  I positioned myself on the other side of that transaction. The ability for a woman to rob a man is a lovely sight to see, she can rob him blind without once having the smile on his face turn.  Every hot woman I have ever known has had some guy ask her out at the gym. Every woman I have ever met will proceed to tell me it’s gross to, well, pretty much ever ask a woman out. Yet, women are still fucking.  So where is the truth?

The truth is, all you ladies are fucking the same dudes.

11% – men will never breed, http://www.teendads.org.nz/fatherandchild/fcarchives/issue08/blended.html

21% are in a common law relationship

In 2011, 46.4% of the population aged 15 and over was legally married,


(canadian statistics were easy to find)

Around 80 percent of male elephant seals never even get the chance to mate, but those 20 percent who do might inseminate up (why not compare canadians to elephant seals?)


the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.

Grand total of 45% of men are unavailable. 78% of statistics are completely full of shit. Coincidence?

Welcome to the new genderation, where women are going to start learning why it is that men are frustrated with dating.  They always have, it has always been a difficulty connected two people for enough years to shoot out a couple fuck trophies and get divorced.  It is going to continue, because it only takes one teapot to entertain guests, a teacup can only entertain one guest at a time. If guys had control of the dating scene, they would be fucking the top 20% of women as well.

Even with all the studies arising that are explaining how the future generations are not having as much sex, most people are having sex.  Most people are also in relationships. This article explaining the Pareto Principle explains it better than I can.  https://www.hookingupsmart.com/2010/09/14/hookinguprealities/sex-and-the-pareto-principle/

I will cherry pick these , and explain it. About half of all men will have 7+ sexual partners in their lifetime, compared with less than a third of women.”   You do not want to be on the wrong side of this statistic, unless you found love. In that case, you have a whole mess of other statistics to deal with in terms of longevity and monogamy. Yet, a gap of nearly 20% exists between the men and women who have slept with 15+ partners.  When a woman is shocked that I have such a difficulty meeting women, it is because I have fallen below this threshold, whether it was my doing or not is irrelevant, as I must deal with the consequences. Read further down in the article, and you will see that Black men have twice as many partners as the median, so If I want to have sex in this new genderation, I have to become a tall, black,or just be female.

I’m sorry, but to quote the super funny comedian Michelle Wolf, “Maybe it’s maybelline, maybe it’s lies.  It’s probably lies.” Elite men have always been attacked due to jealousy. Jesus was betrayed. Caesar was betrayed. Kris Humphries was betrayed!  Dudes are lying in order to have sex. It is a consequence of a balanced playing field, the elite will grab all of the resources, conquering with no regard for the damage left behind.  If you have spent any time dating women in their 30s, there is a lot of damage. Men that aren’t elite lie to attempt at the bounty owned by the elite men who have been shooting out people from the beginning. Those elite men (pick your own statistic) are lying to their wives and girlfriends because the woman’s goal is to be in a monogamous relationship, and “the man is as faithful as his options” -Chris Rock.

Men are forced to lie because a majority of men want to be with more than one woman for the rest of his life.  Women want to be with one man for the rest of her life. Generally. Within the articles I linked, it also shows that the more attractive a man is, the more likely he will forgo the idea of monogamy.  Of course there are outliers, but it all makes biological sense to not be promiscuous for a woman. The baseline concept of monogamy was to protect the child, but in a genderation where people are waiting longer to have sex, this gives room for longer courting periods.  Longer courting periods means these average women will be touched by one of the horny elite, fall in love, and be rejected because monogamy is not that man’s game. Kids? Sure, Antonio Cromartie (Former NFL Chargers Player) has 12, with 9 different women I’m sure he is a great father!

This all comes at a price.  There are monogamous elite men out there looking for one women to share an existence, just as there are polygamous women out there who could never envision settling down.  Everyone else is somewhere in the middle, which means bonds will be broken and vows will be severed, because if she believes the guy she is with doesn’t belong in the 80th percentile, she knows where to find one.  And if he knows that he is in the 80th percentile, and knows that he has a desirability, in all likelihood he is going to take advantage of that, be it by lying, or not entering into monogamy.

Any relationship requires compromise or it will be relegated to temporary status.  I know it is only anecdotal, but most of the people I know that live together fight, and every couple I have ever met has had disagreements.  If you could retain all of the pleasures of a relationship: the companionship, the sex, just having an extra set of hands, etc, why force yourself to compromise?  This is how those people you are see are feeling. “Why accept this guy? When this NEXT guy came up! Ooh, this guy is cute! I’ll message him. While I’m waiting on his response, I’ll talk to him…and him….and him…” thus leading to very attractive women coming off like cave dwelling troglodytes, with a “yup”,”Lol”, “omg” or some emoji to elicit the least amount of effort humanly possible to feign interest.  I have been seeing more and more guy shut these women down, just as complaints 10 years ago were about how a guy would message a girl and say, “hi” and we all got up in arms about it. They haven’t stopped complaining that we only say “hi”, and now they they are bombarded with choice. Women are forced to provide more, especially if they are not in the top 20% of attractiveness. The top 20% attractive women live on a different plane of existence and the world is not the same as the rest of humanity.  Because most men want to be with her or around her, she will never be alone, unless she wants. Too many people are without the choice to find a mate, and it is saddening. The 40 year old cougar who is horny far more than she would like to be is now in complete control of that, yet lived 39 of those years without an abundance of choice.

Yes men are pigs, but not all men are pigs.  Ladies, you are chasing after the pigs, getting disappointed, and it is because you want to procreate with the top 20% of men, and the other 80% can fuck off and die for all you care.  This was once an even field, with 20% of women being extremely attractive, yet batshit crazy. In this genderation, women have all the cards, but were never taught the game. I would appreciate if you would all get together, maybe the restroom? And have a meeting about what these new guidelines are going to be.  Let’s start by scrapping all of the hypocrisy, and take money away from sex.









Thank you internet, for allowing me to follow down this silly rabbithole. If I am doing anything wrong, feel free to let me know. Cunningham’s law in full effect.

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