The Path

There is only 1 true question,  do you walk the path? Or pave your own?

There are 2 types of people in life. GWB walked the path of his father, but was trained to be a leader. And just because you walk your own path instead of following the easy road, does not mean you are a leader. The first cow in ancient Ireland to wander away and fall off the cliff was not followed by too many other cows. Ultimately,  you may lead sometimes,  other times you may follow. You may follow sometimes while others lead. When it comes to how we approach our next decision,  there are only 2 options.

It may seem like this binary breakdown is  simplistic,  and it is. It’s a lot like those idiots that think winning the lottery is 50/50 (either you win, or you don’t), yet it’s more akin to you either make a decision, or you let someone make it on your behalf.

Everyone knows the difficulty of walking one’s own path. If you have ever tried to walk through a thick forest with no paths, you know that everything is unexpected, anything can happen, and you are not sure you are going the right way. 

Taking someone else’s path comes with it’s own slough of problems, including depletion of the concept of free will. Something that doesn’t exist cannot be depleted,  so following is the path of least resistance.  Others cannot fathom the idea of repeating what someone else did.

No matter what you do, it will be unique to you,  and it may feel like nobody has ever been on the trail you think you have paved, but someone has probably put footprints there.

Modern times have made the convenience of travel available all over the world. It is not a new phenomenon,  but what once was a rich man’s game, is now considered standard behavior.

The ability to go to some remote jungle where it is possible to find someone who looks nothing like you,  has never seen your style of clothes, or cannot fathom what you are saying is as short as a couple hours flight time.

Remember,  if those paths were cut out to accommodate,  we don’t get to see the spoils of the toils.

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